NCA theses at Tollinton Market touch upon taboos

By Hina Farooq

LAHORE: National College of Arts (NCA) students have this year come up with bold and outrageous concepts for their final year theses.

Daily Times had a look at the projects put up by the students at Tollinton Market. The ideas and concepts touched upon sex, exploitation of women and extremism – issues that are taboo in Pakistani society.

The thesis of Amra Khan (Fine Arts Department) revolves around the man and his sexual ability. Her work is titled ‘The Impotent Spectator’ and gives an insight into her idea on the mindsets of three types of men who try to ‘measure up’ each other. Her paintings depict sizes and measurements.

Other paintings depict horses, which are a symbol of strength and stamina. Some paintings show men holding their genitals and running after the one with the largest phallus.

Arif Hussain, also of the Fine Arts Department, has worked on advertising. His thesis revolves around the use of women in ads and how their bodies are exploited to attract people towards products. He has also tried to show that women are not known for their personality, but for their bodies.

His paintings include images of women and hair removal creams. In them women have exposed their body parts to show the wonders of a product that makes them hairless and more socially acceptable. The actual body parts have been distorted so as to show a bit of subtlety.

The thesis of Tahira Afzal (Communications Design) depicts the happenings of 2007. Called ‘The image of Pakistan’, her work catches images of bomb blasts. Her idea revolves around finishing extremism from society.

She wants to educate the new generations on why Pakistan’s image is deteriorating and how it can be salvaged. The thesis consists of rooms showing violence and the last room showing serenity. This room is a sort of a conclusion for Pakistan, which can be entered from a door.

The works will continue to be displayed till January 18.

Courtesy Daily Times, Lahore


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  1. alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllla work:) NCA iz rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk:):):)

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