Danka and Lahore’s rich cultural milieu

Danka is one the best things to have happened for Lahore on the internet – check their website that has all the recent updates and news about what’s happening in Lahore. Here is the recent message that they sent, as part of their regular updates ..

Dear Lahori artists,how important is the audience for your work? While working on your art, while being creative, do you think of your audience?Do you consider the taste of the public? Do you make compromises with your own ideas? Or do you ignore their wishes, do you only concentrate on your own concepts and intuition?

I find it always interesting to separate (at least theoretically) art from the audience. A film is there (even without audience), the painting is, a dance is.

Some things are definitely made for the art itself. There are art forms who live of the audience, who need audience (like participative theatre for example) and on the other hand of course art who lives of the audience. The commercial side definitely is related to the public. Is more commercial art more public oriented?

The artist decides, or not?. We were discussing the other day of maybe introducing s omething more artist-oriented on Danka. The audience (you) will always the main focus of our work, we will always inform you of ongoing events in your city. The question is: Should we also inform you about Lahori artists? Should we provide current information on young music bands, upcoming painters, renowned dancers?

Live Your Culture,

Your Danka Team


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