Punjab University plagiarism case decided

What a pity that a city of learning and education has to undergo this shame:

Punjab University psychology and applied psychology department chairman ..has been removed from the office and placed under suspension following establishment of, prima facie, plagiarism allegations levelled against him.

It is learnt that the committee initiated inquiry stating that Dr Aftab had committed plagiarism in two research papers – “Socialization of the Physical Attractiveness Stereotype: Parental Expectations and Verbal Behaviours”, which was stated to be verbatim copy of the original published research work of Gerald R Adams, Mandy Hicken and Mahshid Salehi; Utah research article published in International Journal of Psychology 23 (1985). The committee also said Dr Aftab also falsely claimed that another research publication entitled: “The Role of Parents in the Socialization of Children: an Historical Overview”. It said Dr Aftab had copied the original research work of Dr Eleanor E Maccoby, Stanford University, USA, which was already published in Developmental Psychology 1992, Vol 28. No 6, 1006-1017. (from DAWN)

Full story here

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