Saving the outer wall of the Lahore Fort

Raza Rumi

Just read that a special crane was being procured to support the conservation work at the Lahore Fort. Well, I not sure if a crane would help unless there is the requisite political will and the technical capacity within the relevant government agencies. While reading the story, this little introduction to the frescos and paintings on the Lahore Fort’s wall was quite interesting – here it is – a kind of an introduction for readers who may not be too familiar with it..

“…..the pictured wall is situated in the north and northwest of the Lahore Fort and presents a series of tile montage panels which are amongst the most spectacular worldwide.It has a remarkable unity of composition along with a variety of unique designs. Its construction was started by Mughal Emperor Jahangir and completed during the tenure of Shah Jahan in 1631-32 AD.

The Wall is nearly 450 meters in length and 17 meters in height. It is embellished with panels of tile mosaics and fresco paintings. The decorations are between the two cornices which are divided into a double row of arched recesses of different sizes. The fresco paintings are carried out in the arched recesses, while the spandrels are tastefully decorated with tile mosaics, depicting men, fairies, elephants, lions, dragons, scenes of animal fights, men playing polo, and numerous other games. The human figures on the wall give an insight into the fashion sense of that time, from royalty down to the servants and gladiators.”

Images from here and here

One response to “Saving the outer wall of the Lahore Fort

  1. Whenever I go to Pakistan I always go to the Kashmiri Bazaar in Lahore and each time I notice fewer of those beautiful intricately carved wooden balcony’s..such a shame.

    Excellent blog.

    Thought you might find this interesting


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