Lahore Museum has yet to catalogue its antqiues

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The Lahore Museum, reportedly the biggest museum of Pakistan, having a 113 year-old history has yet to have its own catalogue of antiques to ease visitors.

The foundation stone of the museum was laid down by Prince Albert Victor in 1890 and the construction work completed in 1894.It contains a huge collection of antiques related from the Stone Age to the freedom struggle of the Muslims of subcontinent.

The Post was informed by the officials concerned that the administration had mapped out measures to increase the capacity of the museum following which the building of Tollington Market was acquired for the purpose.

But though a number of changes had been made, the authority in question has yet to maintain a catalogue, a basic requirement of any museum worldwide.

Deputy Director Museum Humaira told The Post that the administration has chalked out plans to put all antiques, including handwritten texts and sceneries, in the new extension of the museum.

Museum official Muzamal maintained that though there is no specific catalogue of antiques in the museum ‘but all pertinent details are available in the books stacked in our library.’ However, he was unable to tell the exact number of total antiques.

Visitor Salaman complained to The Post that the lack of any catalogue ‘hinders us from exploring new venues.’ He said the absence of a guest room is indicative of a lax management; saying when the Japanese Ambassador Kojie Hejima visited the museum, there was no arrangement for the guest room for foreign visitors has been demolished.

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One response to “Lahore Museum has yet to catalogue its antqiues

  1. I have a painting by Ustad Allah Buksh, the size is 36-60 inches ,oil on canvas, the painting is unsigned. i want to get it authenticated by the Lahore Museum.Should i send you the image by email or i should courier it

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