After 18 years Jahangir’s tomb receives some attention

Why are we so keen to squander our glorious heritage. This is a sad news though one can see some light –

18-year interval: FAD to conserve Jahangir’s tomb

LAHORE, Daily Times: After an 18-year interval, the Federal Archeology Department (FAD) has finally decided to conserve Maqbara-e-Jahangir (Jahangir’s tomb).

The tomb is the most dilapidated historic site that falls in the FAD’s jurisdiction. The tomb was last conserved in 1990.

An FAD official said Rs 50 million had already been spent on the tomb. He said the department had made a proposal for conservation of Asif Ali’s tomb, Noor Jehan’s tomb and Akbari Saraye at a cost of Rs 100.9 million.

In 2001, President Pervez Musharraf had issued a directive to carry out work on all historic sites and to hand over them to the provincial government.

In the past 18 years, the FAD officials said, the FAD had only made minor repairs due to the unavailability of archeology experts.

They said, “We cannot afford advanced machinery because we are provided with less resources.”

FAD (Northern Circle) Director Saleemul Haq said, “The FAD has expedited the conservation work. Earlier, we were provided with meager resources due to which we were unable to carry out the conservation work.”

The FAD had imported the red stone from India and the work would be completed in the next eight years.

The tomb of the fourth Mogul Emperor Jehangir has a majestic structure made of red sandstone and marble. The outer entrance to the tomb opens out into a courtyard, which was used as a caravan Serai during Mogul era. hina farooq

image from Encarta

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