Lahore’s bifurcated laws – the perils of smoking sheesha in DHA

“SMOKING sheesha is the latest craze among the hip young crowd in Lahore. Cafes which offer sheesha are the latest ‘in’ thing and draw a big clientele because of the novelty of their ware. Youngsters can be spotted hanging around these places, cooling their heels by inhaling the tobacco-laced smoke through fancy sheeshas. But, according to a newspaper report, Lahore’s Defence Housing Authority has told cafes in its jurisdiction not to serve sheesha because medical authorities have declared it to be injurious to health. In some cases it is being used to consume addictive drugs. While many parents will feel relieved after the imposition of the ban, it still leaves some important questions unanswered. Do we have definitive medical evidence suggesting that smoking sheesha is a health hazard? Do cafes need official permission for serving sheesha? Why is it still being allowed to be served in other parts of Lahore?

If the government already has the evidence about the harmful effect of sheesha, it should waste no time in issuing health warnings to sheesha smokers as it does in the case of cigarette smokers. If otherwise, it will serve all and sundry well to initiate a medical probe into the effects of sheesha and make its findings public. Given the widespread use of sheesha in the Arab countries and some nations surrounding the Mediterranean, it is very likely that Pakistan will not be required to carry out a probe on its own. But before we embark on a probe on our own or get one done from abroad, a sensible course of action is to adopt the same official stance on the practice throughout all parts of the country. It defies logic and common sense to ban sheesha in one city and allow it in another. Even more bizarre is the situation when it is not allowed in one part of a particular city but has no bar in other parts of the same city. If sheesha is bad, it must be so for everyone around. It does not make any sense at all why the administration outside Defence Housing Authority in Lahore should not ban it.”

Courtesy DAWN

One response to “Lahore’s bifurcated laws – the perils of smoking sheesha in DHA

  1. as if SHHESHA or HOOKAH smoking is something newly invented.

    everyday for i dont know how many centuries a million farmers, chokidaars and BABA’S smoke hookah made of cow poop. but no one gives a damn !

    smoking hookah and DRUGS (o my god the ever increasing drug abuse amongst the youth) only becomes an issue when some goodlooking boys of defence do some HASH and ecstacy. no one gives a shit when the million roadside junkies shoot themselves on heroin everyday and have been doing for the past several decades.

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