Lahore’s Mehreen Syed is the Sunday Face of 2007

 By Hina Farooq

LAHORE: Amidst the pristine plainness of the stage, illumination pierced its way in hues of red, blue, yellow and green. An audience packed hall in Pearl Continental was rendered aglow and Saturday night crowned its Indigo-Sunday Face of the Year (FOTY) 2007 – Mehreen Syed.

The air breathed sophistication and class with applause, as glamorously-clad Mehreen walked on stage to be crowned by Neha, the Sunday FOTY 2006. The heart-stopping announcement was made by Mrs Zohair Khaliq of Mobilink whose words sent Mehreen’s heart apace. “I was not expecting the award,” gasped Mehreen, in her silk, black dress, as she blinked back tears of joy and awe. “I cannot believe this is me!”

Faiza Ansari was declared first runner up and Nadia Ali, second runner up. They were dressed with equal sophistication and finesse, supporting lovely flowing gowns of varied length. These three winners feature among the beautiful, sassy women that ruled the 53 issues of Sunday (hot-selling weekly social magazine of Daily Times).

The crowning ceremony was applauded by a multitude of haute couture fashion designers, top-notch models, actresses, actors, and notable photographers, who have collectively added colours and humour to the Sunday magazine.

The entire event was star studded with perfectly choreographed dance performances by Meera, hailing Femme Fatale of the Year 2007, and Atif Aslam in an intoxicating performance as a whirling dervish. Students from the National College of Arts accompanied his mayhem by whirling to the soul-searching music.

A short film was also displayed that comically drew caricatures of various fashion icons in the midst of a story of a character that accidentally achieved fame when his picture was printed in the Sunday magazine. The action was fast paced and was received with tremendous uproar and appreciation.

The show stopper was the adventurous, ambitious yet successfully eclectic fashion parade. It featured a collection by eminent designers in which outfits bore inspiration taken from, gypsy-like outfits clad in large yet simple motifs in classic silks. Ostentation was added as models walked down the stage holding large, feathery fan props, while wrapped in basic colours – predominantly black and white. The cuts were chiefly western but artistically attuned to eastern fashion.

Salmaan Taseer, publisher of Daily Times, briefly spoke before the final award was announced. He said his newspaper was the progressive, modern and liberal voice of Pakistan. Salmaan also made the announcement of launching an Urdu newspaper, Aajkal, this month (February).

5 responses to “Lahore’s Mehreen Syed is the Sunday Face of 2007

  1. To tell you the truth, I can’t believe it either! This world must be close to its end 😉

  2. this girl is hot. arms seem too skinny though. but face is really attractive, juicy lips.

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