Lahore’s Civil Defence has no funds and no volunteers!

By Muzaffar Ali

LAHORE: The Civil Defence Organisation (CDO) is in a pathetic state owing to the prolonged negligence by the city government, a senior official of CDO told Daily Times in condition of anonymity.

He said that in 1990, the CDO received its first percent of the city budget in connection with the Punjab Local Government Ordinance 1969 and 2001: making it obligatory for local bodies to allocate one percent of their budget for civil defence. After that, funds were provided to them occasionally but they (funds) were less than the required amount. He said that in 2001, the city district government stopped providing funds and since then, no fund had been provided to them.

Furthermore, he mentioned that in 2002, City District Nazim Mian Amer Mahmood promised to provide Rs 5 million to the CDO for new fire fighting, bomb disposal, first aid and flood rescue equipment, but this promising fund had not been provided so far. He said that Mahmood had also directed every union nazim to provide Rs100, 000 to the CDO, but none complied. Under the directions of Mahmood, 150 union council nazims promised to provide one room in their offices for establishing civil defence warden posts. The official said that five years had gone by and no room facility had been provided.

Contrary to this, he said that three town nazims of Badhami Bagh, Sanda Road and Township had illegally occupied three out of the 18 buildings that belonged to the CDO.

The senior official of the CDO told Daily Times that due to the lack of funds, the number of volunteers was decreasing day by day. He said that Lahore was divided into 11 divisions and there were only 3,500 registered volunteers, out of which more than 2000 were without training to deal with emergencies.

The Punjab Local Government Ordinance 2001 has no provision regarding the allocation of budgets for upgrading departments, equipment, training and purchasing uniforms for volunteers. The official was of the opinion that the city, as well as the Punjab governments, was deliberately curtailing the role of the CDO. According to building bylaws, no construction could be started until building owners requested No Objection Certificates (NOC) from them. He said that Lahore Development Authority had not bothered to ask them for one. He said that even factories, petrol pumps, banks and other commercial and residential buildings had not been issued NOCs since 2005.

The city government Lahore issued appreciation letters to CDO volunteers for executing excellent duty from 2nd Muharram to 10th Muharram in the city. He said that due to the lack of a bomb disposal staff, they trained a dozen volunteers who reached the Mall Road on 14 February, 2006. He said, also when the protesters of Namoos-e-Risalat burned the shops, the volunteers of the CDO extinguished the fire. The official said that keeping in mind the current conditions of the CDO, he feared that trained volunteers would not be provided in the future to deal with natural disasters and massive emergencies.

He said that the importance of civil defence could not be ruled out in future and it was obligatory for the government to upgrade this department with modern equipment and better-trained volunteers, keeping in view The Local Bodies Ordinance Punjab 2001: it clearly makes the city government responsible for the civil defence of its local areas, and in this respect, is expected to perform such functions as may be specified by the government.


22 responses to “Lahore’s Civil Defence has no funds and no volunteers!

  1. I m member of civil defence punjab lahore. The gulberg divsion lahore do too much effort in all incidents which happens in lahore.

  2. hey Humza i want to join CDO lahore.

  3. Just saw a camp by CDO at Mazang yesterday which were saying “Come and register yourself to be part of CDO and get free training of fire fighting and first aid etc”.
    Hopefully I am goin to join them today.

  4. I am Group Warden/PRO of Cantonment Division. I am working with Civil Defence Orginazation Lahore since 1994.
    I & Our many voulteers of Cantonment Division take part in various major incidents in all over Lahore. I & our all Razkars of Cantonment Division are proud to be a part of Civil Defence Orginaization Lahore.

    Our Main team members are
    1. Abdul Hafeez Butt Divisional Warden
    2. Z.H.Babar Dy.Divisional Warden
    3.Umair Haroon Group Warden/PRO
    4. Saleem Anwar Khan Group Warden
    5.Ch.M.Saleem Dy.Group Warden
    6.M.Amin Dy.Group Warden
    7.Qazi Waqas Dy.Post Warden
    8.Hamid Aslam Dy.Post Warden
    9.Sh.Imran Rasheed Dy.Post Warden
    10.M.Zumair Dy.Post Warden
    11.Malik Fayyaz Ahmed Dy.Post Warden

    They are all trained & efficient members & they are available round the clock on one call.

    God bless him all

    Umair Haroon

  5. aftab ahmed sohail

    i want to joine cdo plz give me information how i contect with cdo in lahore

  6. aftab ahmed sohail
  7. I would love to join civil defence as a volunteer. Please guide me accordingly how to join it. Thank you

  8. Dear !

    If you need to send information / suggestions for new upcoming website of Civil Defence Lahore, Please send your comments or latest photographs (Standard) etc.

    Thanks & Regards

  9. Quote :

    Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.

  10. naveed mughal

    hello dear
    hope you very well.i am very happy .your comments and meany other mans .i am your friend.from sialkot can i help u dear.03006103569

  11. Dear Volunteers,

    This is very good that by your efforts the Civil Defence Organisation is seen on the net and attaracting new volunteers to join us.
    THER ACTIVITIES OF THE VOLUNTEERS need to be shown and if it is not available with you, please contact me to send some to you.

    Please keep in mind that all volunteers are precious as they are always ready to render selfless services for the CITIZENS without caring for their life. INFACT THIS ORGANISATION HAS A VERY BIG IMPORTANCE and as you must have seen in the recent past that MR.SAJJAD BHUTTA THE CONTROLLER OF LAHORE CIVIL DEFENCE AND MR.MAIRAJ ANEES THE DIRECTOR PUNJAB has given new life to the organisation and the present CIVIL DEFENCE OFFICER MR. MAZHAR HAS ALSO PROVED TO BE GOOD COMBINATION WITH THE ADMINISTRATION and the Volunteers. No doubt his efforts are checked by the unqualified Chief Instructors and the Instructional Staff but some how he is managing to improve the Volunteers Organisation with consultation of The Worthy Controller Lahore. We should try to request the authorities to stop the interference of the Instructional Staff in the Divisional activities and enrollments etc.

    My phone is 0333 4252288

  12. I want to join and have training of first aid and fire fighting
    How can I do so?
    and how and when should I apply?

  13. I want to join/serve as Bomb Disposal Officer as I am recently retired from Pakistan Air Force as Chief Warrant Officer. I have undergone bomb disposal course at Explosive Ordnance School PAF . I have vast experience of handling of all type of explosive and IEDs. I believe and assure you that my service not only fruitful to you department but bring a good name to your department as well. Please contact me at the e mail address ”“. I am awaiting positive reply from your side.

  14. i want to join CDO. how may i join Fire fighting or Lead fireman? 03006936035

  15. Tahseen Wahidi

    Some one HELP me.
    i wish to join the CDO as a volunteer. Plz tell me how can i join the CDO in Lahore.

  16. Tahseen Wahidi

    My Email is

  17. I m Membr Civil Defenc Of the Punjab ( Misri shah Division) 03064047856

  18. Thanks to all volunteer.
    i m Munsif khan agree with your but now civile defence is goving down……….
    The govt of punjab can,t hilp cdp……………………………………………………………..

  19. civile defence govt. is sleepsssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  20. To all Dear Volunteers, I am Riaz Bukhari (63yrs) volunteer Samanabad Division. Joined the civil defence org 1971. Ready to serve you.

  21. Janavare 5th 2015 is the iam ahccam ani alb me thac is cais pelis to ahccam berac Arra RMB pelis ahccam bais

  22. M.Saeed Iqbal Khattak

    Am Chief Warden Civil Defence Karak.We should form a community/group on facebook to revive CD.

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