Museum at the Punjab Institute of Language, Art and Culture

 From the Daily Times

LAHORE: The Art and Craft Museum built at the Punjab Institute of Language, Art and Culture (PILAAC), with an aim to promote the culture of Punjab, is attracting a good number of visitors, despite its small collection.

The museum’s well-lit hall offers a traditional Punjabi look. Stepping into the museum, one comes across a Chopal model (gathering spot for people in Punjab villages) and Murada Abaid hubble-bubble that runs a Punjabi traditional life film. The museum also offers a variety of Cholistan reeds and tapriyan. A wide range of pottery from several areas of the Punjab, including Harappa is showcased. The copper round tray, once used in Punjab is brought from the remotest areas of Southern Punjab. 

A bull-cart model of Harappa speaks volumes about the cultural life of the ancient civilisation in which cultivation was given the prime importance. Camel carts, once used for transportation are also placed at the museum in shape of a small toy-like model. Miniature toys catch the attention owing to their delicacy and skilful construction. Apart from the pottery, some unique weapons have also been displayed.

The ancient Mizzal Gun is hanged on the wall hinting towards the warlords that once ruled the land of five rivers. Brass bowls; a phawra, a large water container, a sacha and chati, hand-made carpets of Multan and a necklace are among the unique museum items.

In dresses, traditional patka that once grandmothers used to prepare for the grooms, and Cholistani paranda give a unique look. A toll plaza receipt of 1884 Lahore is also kept at the museum.

The museum was built at the cost of Rs 400,000, PILAAC officials said. PILAAC Deputy Director Iqbal Bhutta said, “A number of schoolchildren have visited the museum since its inauguration six months ago. People like to come to a place where they see Punjab’s folk atmosphere.”

He said more funds should be allocated to make the museum well worth visiting. He said the museum had a good collection, but it was not sufficient.

He said, “I want to bring some traditional antiques from the far flung areas. I have forwarded a proposal of Rs 3,000,000 to the PILAAC director to buy more antiques.” He said the museum was the only place, which was meant to promote Punjab’s culture.


3 responses to “Museum at the Punjab Institute of Language, Art and Culture

  1. Hii..Raza..

    Indian Art and Culture sensitizes every indian as well as outsider’s.
    Preserving traditions and antiques has also been my area of interest for long..!

    I came across this Art Expo India 2008 which is going to be held Mumbai in March..there’s is going to be lot over tradition, culture, gifting..etc..

    chk out this link:

  2. Hi There,

    I am looking for some one who can help me in understanding the ancient punjabi menu script “Lunday”. If you have any type of knowledge about this script please help me out.

    Hope we can do something to rejuvenate this lovely menuscript ….


  3. Shukar hai Pakistan wich Punjabi culture te language di fikar karan wala koi ta hai.mainu na iss tara laggda hai ki Urdu ne Pakistani Punjabis nu blind kar rakhya hai.They feel proud killing their own mother tongue Punjabi.Sindh is known for Sindhi,Khaber-Pakhtunwa for Pashto why Punjab for not Punjabi?

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