Lahore celebrates Faiz Amman Mela

Over 2,000 throng Faiz Amman Mela

LAHORE: Faiz Amman Mela was held at an open-air theatre in the Jinnah Garden on Saturday amidst the bustle of more than 2,000 people.

Faiz Amman Mela was a joint effort of more than 40 civil society organisations led by the Labour Education Foundation under the Faiz Amman Mela Committee.

The event began with a two-hour Mushaira, which was presided over by poet Zafar Iqbal. The Mushaira participants not only read out their own poetry, but a few also read out excerpts from Faiz’s collection. Aslam Gordaspuri, Comrade Shafiq, Dr Khalid Javed Jan, Abdul Sahir, Razi Haider were among the prominent poets invited to the occasion. The Mushaira was followed by a musical event in which singers sang Faiz’s poetry.

Hamid Ali Khan, Surayya Khanum, Shafqat Ali Khan and Inayat Abid were among the invited singers. As many as four book stalls were also set up at the Mela

Salima Hashmi, daughter of the late Faiz Ahmad Faiz, told Daily Times that she was proud of her father and his poetry.

Shirkat Gah, Aurat Foundation, South Asian Partnership-Pakistan, Foundation for Democracy, Supreme Court Bar Association, Women Workers Help Line, Ajoka Theatre and Joint Action Committee for People’s Rights were among the organisers of the event.

From the Daily Times

One response to “Lahore celebrates Faiz Amman Mela

  1. I think those who arranged Faiz Mela did a great Job. Faiz Ahmed Faiz is a great poet not for the indo-pak people but also for all the oppressed people in the world. Faiz is a symbol for the bright future for the struggling people throughout the world.
    Red salaam to them who manged to arrange this Mela.Hope they will continue their remarkable job.

    masood punjabi

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