Preparations for the Madhoo Lal Hussain Urs

Madhoo Lal Hussain Urs

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From The Post

LAHORE: The three-day annual urs of Sufi Saint Hazrat Madhu Lal Hussain popularly known as Mela Charaghan will begin on March 29 (Saturday).

“It is the 373rd urs of Hazrat Madhu Lal as he died in 1056 Hijri”, said an Auqaf official.

He said the secretary Auqaf Punjab Syed Abbas Zaidi would inaugurate the urs at 10am on 29th March by laying traditional “Chaddar” on the grave of the saint. Director General Auqaf Dr. Tahir Raza Bukhari, Zonal Administrator Auqaf Lahore Tasawar Ijaz Malik and a large number of devotees will participate in the urs.

The Auqaf Department has allocated Rs 80,000 for the urs .The department will also ensure provision of “Langer” (free food) to the devotees.


6 responses to “Preparations for the Madhoo Lal Hussain Urs

  1. Still I could not understand the services of Madhu Lal Hussain, why we people waist our time on such activities?Is it a style of donation collecting? Plz friend don’t mind, I am sorry to say all these, but I want answer. Waiting for response from knowledge able persons.

  2. something undescribable unmentionable i think

  3. >>> The [Auqaf] department will also ensure provision of “Langer” to the devotees.

    but who, dare i ask, will provide for the more “high” minded devotees, in need of much greater sustenance than mere fud?

    lagay danda, tay mittay funda!

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  5. Why do we call him saint?
    Well I do not know, I wonder what was his relationship with the brahmin boy “madhu Laal?
    Would someone tellus.

  6. Rashid Hashmi

    the complete biography of madhu laal hussain should be published in detail
    seprately i mean who is Shah Hussain and who is madhu laal, this story will be very intresting and knowledgable for the people.


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