In Lahore – No booze, Gulberg restaurants told

rana kashif of the Daily Times reporting:

“The Gulberg Town administration has issued notices to restaurants in Gulberg, ordering them to stop serving alcohol or allow customers to bring alcohol to restaurants. Town Municipal Officer (TMO) Ali Abbas Bukhari told Daily Times on Tuesday that several upscale restaurants in Gulberg were serving alcohol. “This is an un-Islamic practice and illegal activity.” He said that the town administration had witnessed the practice and had also received complaints about alcohol being served or brought into restaurants. He did not give the names of the restaurants, but said that notices had been served to almost all restaurants. “Either stop the practice or be ready to face the law,” he added. The subject of the notice issued states ‘Perseverance of Islamic Laws and Culture’ and ends with the signature of Gulberg Town Nazim Faraz Ahmed Chaudhry. The last paragraph of the notice reads, “It has been noticed that banned drinks are being served with food to the guests in some restaurants. Such a practice is un-Islamic, immoral and causes problems for visiting families. We appreciate your esteemed organisation for cooperating with the town administration by discouraging this practice, otherwise action under the law will be initiated.” The owners and managers of some large restaurants in Gulberg denied receiving the notice, saying that they were running their businesses under the law and were not involved in any such activity. They also said that the delivery of any such notice without proper justification would be illogical. They said that their restaurants were there to serve their customers within a legal framework. “

2 responses to “In Lahore – No booze, Gulberg restaurants told

  1. oh well… my commiserations with those jinda-dilan-e-lahore who absolutely positively MUST have a drink on their eating-outings. (of course you cannot have lived until you’ve quaffed cheap plonk out of a chipped coffee mug.) can poor kiraanchi be far behind? will the regulars of okra/pokra/flo/sho be denied their god-given right to wash down their fusion muck kwizine with flagons of patent rotgut?

    mon dieu! it’s enuff to make a fella go on strike, chanting “if you shake us, shall we not stir?” in quasi-boston-brahmin accents.

    (now where did i put that half-empty bottle of loin viskey?)

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