Sikh Yatrees in Lahore

LAHORE: About 3,100 Sikh pilgrims arrived at Wagah by trains on Friday to participate in Baisakhi festival, the birth of Khalsa. The main religious function at Gurdwara Panja Sahib will be ‘Arambah Paath Sahib’ today (Saturday) at 8am. ‘Madah Ka Bhog’ on April 13 at 8am and ‘Bhog Akhand Paath Sahib’ on April 14 at 8am. From April 15 to April 17 pilgrims will stay at Gurdwara Janam Asthan Nankana Sahib and on April 16 will visit Gurdwara Sacha Sauda. From April 17 to April 20, pilgrims will stay at Gurdwara Dera Sahib at Lahore and on April 18 will visit Gurdwara Rorri Sahib Eminabad (Gujranwala). On April 20 pilgrims will leave Pakistan in the morning for India. abdul manan/photo by afp

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  2. The Sikh Yatrees reached Pakistan and the majority of them is returning back home after finishing with the work there were here for (prayer on the holy places). However, here in our web design and development company, we recieved a guest in the afternoon from the Amratsar was here in Lahore to spend more time in here. He was happy saying, He visits Pakistan 5 times in an year, with his entire family, friends, colleagues, etc.

    He said, Pakistan was a great place to live and hang-out, invest, dine out etc. He says, he has been traveling to all parts of world, but visiting Lahore for the first time was very facinating, won his loyalty for this country and he loves to spend all his time here in Lahore, and by traveling across Pakistan.

    The Sikh and Yatrees are wishing since long, that India is opening friendly doors to Pakistan, as Pakistan is already done with that. They want to travel down to the Pakistan freely, stay, and invest. They want Pakistan a strong country with good relationships with India as well.

    He has given us a new web site design, development and seo (search engine optimization) project for the new business he is starting in Pakistan.

    Good Luck Sikh Brothers and Sisters, and all Yatrees and We hope the relationships are more strong between two countries, visa free things, and one currency continent, free trade zone etc. This will no doubt help both Pakistan, India, and all the countries in the region.



  3. Tina
    Many thanks for the comment and informing us of your lovely encounter..Yes indeed we need to find peace and coexistence despite the challenges..
    cheers and keep visiting

  4. i saw their pilgrim’s pictures, those are very nice…we feels good when some other community comes to our country for praying in their pilgrims ……

  5. i had worked as a medical officer at Rural Health Centre Eminabad Gujranwala for 6 years[1985 to 1992].I,almost everyday passed through the RORI SAHIB, a famous Gurdawara.It was not fully completed at the time of patition.We can say it is a new Gurdawara.I had met many old people of Eminabad who were the eye witness of the Ground Breaking Ceremony of The Gurdawara.They all told that the Rani[Queen]of Maharaja of Patiala started the ceremony by digging the earth with a Spade made of pure Gold.which she donated to Gurdawara.There is no doubt about it as it was narrated by many eye witnesses and on lookers of Eminabad.More over bricks were localyy prepared just close to the Gurdawara.The remnants of the brick factory can still be seen.The construction started 4/5 years before partition.It is a very beautiful peace of civil engineering especially its Arches.It is a double storey structure.I has a big water tank with separate bathrooms for men and women.There is a big residential block with many rooms for the people coming from far flung areas.This was badly damaged due to lack of proper care.The importance of this area is due to Baba Guru Nanak.One version is that here Mughal Emperor Babar came to visit Baba ji.Second opinion is that Baba ji stayed here for sometime on his journey onward to India.So it is a very sacred place for the Sikhs. No machiney was used to build this beautiful Gurdawara.All by men with hands. dr.asif

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