Lahore-born photographer wins US prize

By Khalid Hasan

WASHINGTON: Adrees Latif, a 35-year old Lahore-born press photographer, has won the coveted Pulitzer prize for his dramatic picture of a dying Japanese journalist on assignment in Burma. Currently based in Bangkok, from where he covers Southeast Asia and even countries of the subcontinent – right now he is covering Nepal – Latif came to Houston, Texas, when he was seven years old. That was the city where he grew up and was educated. He began his career with the Houston Post in 1993 and three years later joined Reuters. According to Jennifer Latson of the Houston Chronicle, Latif brought a camera to Burma on an assignment where the possession of one alone could get you killed. Monks and nuns were being fired on in the streets as they marched in protest in 2007 when Latif sneaked in and recorded the dramatic happenings. He had gone in without permission. His picture of the fatal shooting of a Japanese photographer won the Pulitzer Prize this week for “breaking news photography”. Latif’s parents still live in Houston. His father, Abdul Latif Mahmud, when informed of his son’s prize, said, “Sometimes we worry too much, and God saves him.”
Courtesy Daily Times

Here is one of the images that won him the coveted prize:

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