Surjit Singh Lamba arrives in Lahore

From the Daily Times

LAHORE: Indian writer and poet Surjit Singh Lamba, the first non-Muslim to publish an Urdu book, Quran-e- Natiq, arrived in the city on Saturday evening.

Lamba, a great admirer of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, published his first book, Nazre Khusro, in 1975. The book contains Amir Khusro’s Persian ghazals translated in Urdu, which is a rare and pioneer work in Urdu literature.

He published his second Urdu book, Quran-e-Natiq, in which he highlighted the message of love and unity of mankind – preached and practiced by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Literary circles all over the world have praised the book.

The Urdu Academy, Delhi, has given ‘Linguistic Integrity Award’ to Lamba for the book in 2004. He has done intensive research on Iqbaliat and Islamiat and has delivered extempore lectures in India, Pakistan; and the US – fostering universal brotherhood and interfaith harmony.

He is a man of national character who has made significant contributions for promotion of art and literature. He has given lectures on national integration for promoting communal harmony through the teachings of Bhagwat Gita, the holy Quran, the holy Bible and Granth Sahib. He has also received the National Unity Award for excellence. The eminent literary personalities and the press of the sub continent and USA on account of devotion for literary pursuits with national sprit conferred him on the titles of Cultural Ambassador, Ambassador of Peace, Hafiz-e-Iqbal and Aashiq-e-Rasool.

He is vice president of the Rashtriya Ekta Samiti. He has dedicated his life to peace, humanity, and rendering help for the uplift of the downtrodden. Shahnawaz Khan

11 responses to “Surjit Singh Lamba arrives in Lahore

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  2. lamba ji, long live only 200 yrs . we want u to live long and keep blessing us. anil suri

  3. Its one of the best things you did, and we are all proud of you.

  4. Chacha Ji,
    We are all very proud of you. I will try to see you, duringmy next visit. May God bless you and the family.

  5. Paramjit Singh

    I know you as a great son of a great father. You are yourself a great father, a great poet, a great writer and a great orator. Above all, I feel blessed to have you amidst us as a true nationalist, peacemaker and for being a great human being.

    Your good work done in the field of international understanding, peace and amity through the comparative study of world religions is really really appreciated. Keep up the good work for the benefit of all. Best Regards.

  6. Laamba Saheb – Welcome. Nice to see you on computer. The goodwill generated by you through the study of different religions is sure to promote international integration and universal brotherhood. Our best wishes to you.

  7. Pradeep Sharma Khusro

    Respected Lamba Ji
    You have done a excellent job. Keep it up. Please publish your book on Amir Khusro in hindi script also. What is YOUR Contact NO.
    Pradeep Sharma Khusro
    14 Aug 2008

  8. Pradeep Sharma Khusro

    Respected Lamba ji
    At present what are you doing. What are your future plans. My e mail Id is
    Pradeep Sharma Khusro

  9. Jasbir Veerji,
    Nice of you to have conveyed your compliments for Dad.
    I don’t have your number, if possible do call me at 646-996-2896.

  10. Respected Uncle,

    Heartfelt congratulations!!!This is a very unique way of promoting unity of humanity transcending all divisions of race, nation, gender, caste, and social class.Wish you many more such successes in future.

    I feel honoured to be part of your family.


  11. Muhammad Abbas

    I am a great admires of Surjit Singh Lamba und during my Indian visit in the year 1992 i visited him and love to see him again. I would be really greatful, if somebody send me his address during his stay in Pakistan. I invite him to Islamabad to stay with me.

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