Sufi music festival to hit the city on 25th

From the Daily Times

LAHORE: The 5th International Mystic Music Sufi Festival (IMMSF) will be held in the city from April 25 to 27.

Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop (RPTW) in collaboration with Telenor Pakistan launched the annual music festival at Peeru’s Café.

This time, the event is being taken to small cities. The festival began on April 21 at the National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage, Islamabad, and would move on to Multan on April 24. From April 25 to 27, the performances will be presented in Lahore. The festival will conclude on April 30 at the Beach View Garden, Karachi.

“This year, the main festival has been shifted to Multan to provide smaller cities with an opportunity to watch devotional practices,” RPTW Director Faizaan Peerzada told reporters on Tuesday. He said that the idea for the touring festival is based on the Sufi message of peace and unity, and the fact that in today’s world of increasing division and disparity, the Sufi music should be heard throughout the world. “Sufi music has the ability to cross all geographical, national, religious, and language barriers, and should thus be used as an instrument of spiritual renewal and unity,” he said.

Lahore will witness five devotional performances by foreign and 25 by local artists in three days.

Talking on the occasion, Usman Peerzada hoped that people would turn up despite the fact that the venue was outside the city. He said that buses would be arranged to take the visitors back to the city at night if they did not have their own conveyance. All the performances will start at 8pm. staff report

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