Lahore: NCA students exhibit work on Iqbal’s vision

Staff Report

LAHORE: Students of the National College of Arts (NCA) on Thursday exhibited their work based on Allama Iqbal’s verse ‘Learn to Think and See in New Ways’ at Zahoorul Akhlaq Gallery.

The exhibition was titled ‘Transformation’, and was inaugurated by The Friday Times publisher Jugnu Mohsin. A large number of students turned, and many of them had worked together on the project. The work included paintings, sculptures and short documentaries.

Individual approaches to a uniform theme – based on Iqbal’s philosophy – were displayed at the exhibition. An art piece ‘Kaukab-e-Qismat-e-Imkaan’ by 4th-year student Adeel Ahmad Zafar and 3rd-year student Dua Abbas Rizvi spoke volumes about transformation. The material used included wood, pen and ink, which made it quite unique.

Student Ejaz Saeed’s sculpture dealt with intoxication. The statue was gilded with cigarettes, tablets and syringes.

A documentary presented by a student of NCA Television and Film Department covered the crisis of globalisation.

Talking to Daily Times, NCA Cultural Studies Associate Professor Suroosh Irfani said that the exhibition was to reclaim the dynamic and progressive thoughts found in Pakistani culture. “Dynamic thinkers and poets like Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi and Iqbal have been appropriated by the dogma of tradition, and thereby their message has been stripped of it’s energy. The life force present in Iqbal’s work has not been channelled. His message is vibrant with fresh energy, but that aspect has remained untapped.”

He said that the students had been encouraged to explore a new dimension of thoughts and imaginations in terms of present challenges. “The essence of Iqbal’s message is that of originality, which can be gained through a constant struggle. Transformation is the basic principal of life. Nothing is permanent except change,” he said.

NCA Principal Naazish Ataullah said that the students had interpreted the theme of Iqbal’s poetry and portrayed it on the canvas. She said that students had worked together, and would have learnt something from each other.

It was told that selected work would be exhibited in India, Iran and Turkey. The exhibition will remain open till April 30.

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