Mughees Ejaz’s Art book launched in Lahore

A river runs through it: Mughees Ejaz displays work, launches book

LAHORE: An art exhibition and book launch titled “A River Runs Through It” by Mughees Riaz was opened at Ejaz Art Gallery on Friday.

The show features a number of prominent personalities and artists from across the country. Professor Saeed Akhtar graced the occasion with his presence. Talking to Daily Times, he said the artist’s work was simple and showed a lively attraction for bold designs.

Riaz painted the River Ravi bank, skim tides and luminous skies of Lahore, which illustrate the development of increasing skills over the years. Colin David wrote that Mughees was a painter with strong sense of design.

“It is nice to see someone who is not afraid to depict realism in his work. His painting of a cat appears to be different from his other work, because of the stark red colour used,” David wrote.

Riaz said, “My work is a reflection of my inspiration. I always wanted to mix nature with my inner feelings. I always get satisfaction and pleasure in capturing wildness of the sky, tranquillity of rivers, serenity of fields. The sunsets always compel me to express my love for nature.”

A book related to the artist’s work was also launched, in which Riaz has described his paintings. The Ejaz Art Gallery has published the book, which can be bought for Rs 300.

Riaz was born in Lahore in 1971 and was educated at the Punjab University College of Art and Design.

Courtesy Daily Times


3 responses to “Mughees Ejaz’s Art book launched in Lahore

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  2. thats mughees nice work

  3. Sir Mugheez is very nice and great teacher.

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