Lahorites thrash robber

By Salman Aslam

LAHORE: Taking their cue from Karachiites, people in a densely populated area in the Sanda police jurisdiction caught a dacoit and severely beat him before handing him over to the police.

The accused was identified as Amjad Ali of Sahiwal. However, his three accomplices fled with the loot, including 35 new, 48 old and 50 faulty cell-phones and Rs 95,000. Four robbers stormed a mobile-phone shop in Rajgarh, Sandah, and held owner Azam Nisar and salesmen at gunpoint. They collected the booty and left the shop. However, the owner raised an alarm which attracted locals who started chasing the accused. They caught one of them and seized two pistols.

Keeping in view the traditional thana culture and justice system, they decided to set up their own court in the open and started beating the accused with kicks and fists. They also contemplated a proposal to set the accused ablaze and arranged for patrol. However, timely intervention of elders foiled their designs. Meanwhile, Sanda police officials reached the spot and arrested the accused. It was learnt that during their escape, two dacoits could not start their motorcycle (LEL-6838), as a result three fled on a motorcycle, leaving their accomplice behind.


3 responses to “Lahorites thrash robber

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  3. A new trend is emerging in our society which reflacts the desperation of the common man at the prevailing state of unaccountability. People are already fed up of the spiralling prices of eatables and basic neceassaties. Civic amanities are at their worst. Knowing well that the law enforcers are usually themselves involved in such cases, people have started taking law in their own hand. This is an unfortunate treand and indcates a deapth of frustration / despiration. Unless the implimentation of law and the image of the law-enforcers improves, it is likely that such incidents may continue.

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