10th anniversary of nuclear tests: Lahoris bewildered by re-installation of missile replicas

 By Rana Kashif

LAHORE: Many Lahoris on Wednesday expressed concern over the installation of missile replicas in the city.

“Though nuclear capability is essential for the country’s safety, some other issues need more attention than missiles,” they said. They said the country was capable enough to thwart any foreign aggression, but the major issues were education, health and economic stability. Yousaf Salahuddin, a prominent socialite, said, “To have nuclear capability is good, but the government should focus on graver issues. The people need to have bread, education, health and easy access to justice.”

He said celebrating Yaum-e-Takbeer and installing missile replicas was not bad, but these replicas should be removed after the celebrations. Muhammad Aftab, a resident of Gulberg, said, “It is surprising to see that we have again started installing missile replicas, which were earlier removed. We feel proud that we are a nuclear power, but we have nothing to do with bombs and missiles. We need bread, education, and health.”

Another citizen, Muhammad Kamal, said, “Installing the replicas does not show that we are a strong nation. The thing that matters is a strong economy. We need bread, education and a better law and order. The installation of missiles is a sign of aggression.” He said he was not against nuclear capability, but being a Pakistani he wanted democracy to prevail in the country.

Farzana Zafar, a resident of Gulberg, said the installation of missile replicas could not resolve real issues. “We should install replicas of pigeons and doves that represent peace and love.”

The previous Punjab government removed replicas of Chaghi mountains (Balochistan) and nuclear capable missiles from the Lahore Railway Station.

6 responses to “10th anniversary of nuclear tests: Lahoris bewildered by re-installation of missile replicas

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  2. Being a nuclear armed nation and having the ability to cause millions of deaths is nothing to be proud of. It is a necessity to create stability in the region not to show off.

  3. Ah Nawaz Sharif from old times. He is the most regressive political force in pakistan and unfortunately quite powerful on the basis of hired media.

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  5. Hina Rabbani Khar

    Anita Rai’s 6th book, JIHAD AND TERRORISM is soon coming out
    Pseudo-scholars and new converts in the camp of Muslim soldiery, especially those who thrive upon the privileges of the West are busy smoking the reality of “operation” Global Jihad. Can their arguments from the Qur’an and history convince their “believing” brothers – to stop terrorising in the name of Islam? Why do the Jihadis who have killed Anwar Sadat and Benazir Bhutto, link their jihad back to the earliest days of Islam’s struggles? What is the secret behind the durability of Jihadi terrorism? Does the Qur’an oblige Muslims to wage violent war on those who do not share their beliefs? Is Islam inherently intolerant? This torrent of absolutely essential questions is almost never answered with fresh thinking and honest appreciation of the testaments of History.

    In every war it bodes only too well to understand one’s enemy and be well-armed. The most effective weapon in our armoury now is “valid” information. We have an obligation to humanity to try to understand the reason behind the murderous hatred in the eyes of our enemies.

    Numerous experts and journalists are there to tell you what Islamism is. whatever Islamism is, it certainly is not a reaction to Western power and influence. Islamism is the inherent determination of Muslim supremacists to create one world order they interpret as Islamic. And to achieve this end, they must islamize dar al-harb – the non-Muslim world. To reinstate the lost glory of Muslim imperialist power, Islamists preach that Muslims are committed to redeem the cardinal call of their creed – to expand the domain of Muslim authority through conquests followed by conversion/control. Islamism advocates that Muslims are obligated to get the infidels under the yoke of the shariah. To attain this, they are permitted to use daawa (invitation to convert); expertly exploit the laws of the land they live in for furthering their ambition and last but never the least, Muslims are welcome to strike terror into the hearts of the infidels. Terrorism in the “Way of Islamization” is hosted beneath the “Dome of the Jihad”. Terrorism is the holy grail of Islamism.

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