Lahore won’t run dry for next 125 years

City won’t run dry for next 125 years, claims hydrologist (Daily Times Report By Abdul Manan)

The city will not face water shortage for the next 125 years, as there are ample underground alluvial sands consisting of aquifer material, a hydrologist told Daily Times on Monday.

He said that there would be water even if it did not rain and River Ravi and the Canal dried up.

According to government sources, the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) and housing societies had installed around 450 tube wells in the city, which operated for an average duration of 16 to 18 hours a day. The depth of these tube wells varied from 150 metres to 180 metres. The water’s abstraction from the city’s underground aquifer was around 1.45 million cubic metres a day.

Lahoris: Punjab University Hydrology Programme Co-ordinator Professor Iftikhar Ahmad said ground water was the only source of water for the city, and that the ground had enough water for the next 125 years. He said Lahoris need not worry about predictions that the city was drying up.

He said the city’s hydro geological set-up had unconsolidated alluvial deposits of quaternary age. He said the sandy aquifer of the city was composed of a 1,200-foot thick alluvial complex.

He said the city’s major sources of ground water were the river (1,700 cusec), rain (700 millimetre) and canal (300 cusec) every year. The ground water level in the city was at 100 feet, he said, adding that up till 1,200 feet beneath the water was thick sand. He said the total water level in the city was 1,300 feet.

Water level: Ahmad said the ground water level was at 60 feet at Shimala Pahari 20 years ago. Now, the water level was at 100 feet underground, he added.

He said the ground water level of the city was decreasing by two feet every year. He said that keeping in view the ratio of the decrease in the water level, the city’s total underground water reservoir (1,300 feet) would finish in 600 years if the population and recharging water sources of the city remained the same.

He said the country’s population was 160 million in 2002, and it would be 250 million in 2025, which would finish the city’s ground water within the next 300 years. He said that even if rain stopped and the river and Canal dried up citizens would have enough water for the next 125 years.

2 responses to “Lahore won’t run dry for next 125 years

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  2. yeah but isnt the water system messed up with faeces mixing with the water supply?! Great, 125 years of water borne illness and disease! They need to get the people at the Orangi project to start sorting stuff out because politicians have proved themselves incapable

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