Kims bookshop and Lahore Museum

Kims and Lahore Museum, originally uploaded by Darwaish.


2 responses to “Kims bookshop and Lahore Museum

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  2. Miab Ghulam Haider

    Lahore is home city to me and my family. I am the decadent of the enc esters Living Thousand years since the time of Hazarat Data Ganj buksh hajvari (ALLAH’s Blessings on Him) in Lahore. Our family had been living in Andrun Shehr Lahore. Our enc esters migrated from Arabia via Persia from the Time of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad(Salal Allah ho Allai ha wa Alla wa Ashab wasalam), and we are the decadent of a Sahabi Hazarat Salim ur Rai (Radi Allah Anhu).
    Now we are living in Garden town. My father is owning a Proprietorship company by the name of Rehamat Fabrics. Many of our external family members are owning prestigious business and reputation in Lahore and around the world. My grand grand Father were the great poet of the love story of Hir Ranjah of his time. He was very much educated and reputed personality. Many aristocratic families used to visit may great grand father for enjoying poet singing of the Hir Ranjah Script.
    But i think Lahore is not that same beautiful as it it was before, though the city has expanded and many development projects have accomplished and many are to accomplish, though it is the time of modernization, new innovations fascinate us, but the prosperity of Lahore has destroyed during this rapid modernization. I feel that people were more prosper in old time living in a small city of Andron Sheher Lahore, because people use charm each other and caring the dignity of society and individual. Evey one used to know each other and discipline, impartiality and fair play were so common amongst people like the scattered abundant sand on earth. Enmity were rare and crime rate were negligible, were as now despite the high education and technological advancement i think people are not satisfied with there life and the world is running toward the wealth.
    I ask can we restore the prosperity of Lahore? if yes, how can we?

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