‘Lahore is a city of tremendous beauty and lights’

Damanbir Singh Jaspal- GUEST IN TOWN

Lahore is a city of tremendous beauty and lights. I stay in Lahore whenever I came to Pakistan, as this city has its own historical features that cannot be forgotten, Damanbir Singh Jaspal, Information and Public Relations principal secretary (Transport) for the government of Indian Punjab, said on Saturday.

Jaspal is in Lahore not only on an official tour, but is also carrying out a research on 48 shrines that are named after 17 species of trees.

The study he has done in India, and now doing in Pakistan, includes photographs of the shrines – with the trees in the foreground – a description of botanical feature of the trees, and the relationship between the species and the historical and the religious background of the shrines.

Talking to Daily Times, Jaspal said that Lahore had the most inspiring buildings of the British Era, which had been preserved by the government quite impressively. He said that in his coffee-table book ‘Tryst with Trees – Punjab’s Sacred Heritage’, he had mentioned all the religious tradition of Sikhism, and said the book covered various shrines in Lahore.

“The shrine Gurdwara Bohr Sahib is from the tree Ficus Bengalensis, Gurdwara Pilpi Sahib from Ficus Religiosa, Gurdwara Luhura Sahib from Cordia Latifolia and Gurdwara Tahli Sahib from Dalbergia sissoo (Shisham),” he said.

Jaspal said that visa constraints had blocked the progress of relations between India and Pakistan. He said that the people on both sides of the border had similar customs and demographics. “Only a boundary is keeping the people separated,” he said.

Jaspal said that one of the most attractive features of the transport sector in Pakistan was the introduction of green rickshaws (CNG rickshaws). He said that CNG was not available in the Indian Punjab. He said that negotiations were underway for the import of CNG from Pakistan. “Trade between the two countries can make the lives of people a lot easier,” he added.

Source: The Daily Times, Lahore Pakistan

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