Gymkhana at the Lawrence Golf Club

The Lahore Gymkhana Golf club is considered to be one of the oldest Golf Clubs in pakistan. and is believed to have been founded in the late years of 19th century. some time after the 1857 War of independence.The first organization golf tournament played over its course was most probably the Champion Medal (Roe Medal) held in january 1895, the first being one Mr.F.A. Robertson. In its early days, the Club experienced great financial difficulties and it was only the members through whos personal efforts it kept going Ironically, the financial problems increased with the passage of time and in MARCH 1940 the golf committee approached the LAHORE & MIANMIR INSTITUTE (re-named in january 1906, as the LAHORE GYMKHANA CLUB) to take over the management of the golf Club under its administrative control. This proposal was agreed to and the golf Club became a part of the LAHORE & MIANMIR 1904, this eased the financial difficulties of the Club to some extent because the INSTITUTE not only helped the golf Club financially but also the sanctioned some staff for the golf course.

The Club had to face yet another problem. The land on gold Road, near the Race Course, occupied be the club for its Gold course actually belonged the Govt. which needed it for its own use. After a lot of efforts, however this problem too found a satisfactory solution when Nazul Land, belonging to the zamindars of village Mianmir, measuring 167 acres, was leased out by Govt. to the gymkhana Club on 1st April, 1921.

The golf membership up to the independence in 1947 consisted mainly of foreigners, It was only in the year 1949 the golf started becoming popular amongst the Pakistani Members of the Gymkhana Club. During this period, considerable improvements were made to the course. Originally the course had only 15 holes, the first and the last two holes, being played again, from different tees, to make a total of 18 holes. The present 13th, 14th and 15th holes, in the triangular area, were later constructed to have a proper 18-hole course.

Major General Said Ghawas who became the President of the Club in 1961 was another golfer who effected more improvements to the course. The Course hitherto had sand ‘browns; and the irrigation of the course depended on water supply from canal which was inadequate. He got the sand ‘browns’ covered with local grass and installed an electric water pump for watering the course and the flat ‘greens’.

More improvements were brought about during the years 1962, 1963 and 1964 when Maj. Gen. Khawaja Wasiullah was elected as President of the Golf Club. He not only re-designed the course but also converted the existing sub-standard ‘green’ into properly shaped and regular ‘green’ for which specially-cultured grass was imported from Delhi. In this task, he was assisted by (late) Mr. A.R. Ansar and Ch. Nasurallah Khan. Honorary Secretaries of the club during 1962-63 and 1963-64. underground pipelines to irrigate the course and water supply. In addition, a large number of trees were planted all over the course which added considerably to its beauty.

A beauty club house was made in 2004 with the underground parking facility for 80 cars. In addition to this modern double story lighted driving range was added in 2006 with 18 bays on each floor.

The Course is now 6554 yards par 72. the layout was been changed over the years the most significant of the changes being done by Mr. Tulu Rana. He changed the par 5 11th hole which is now 475yards long into a replica of the 13th hole at august. The par 3 17th was replicated as the signature par 3 at pebble beach. The finishing hole is a beautiful par 4 404 yards long with water in play all along from the tee shot right through to the green on the left side and rough on the right.

6 responses to “Gymkhana at the Lawrence Golf Club

  1. Why do we have a picture of the cricket pavilion on this blog?

  2. Dear Rabia
    The answer is simple. It is an outstading example of the Indo-British architectural style..
    And, the picture taken by Safyhuk is also quite cheerful.
    Please let me know what you did not like about it

  3. how can i get membership for lahore gymkhana golf club

  4. mrs javiria akbar

    hi i have been living in pakistan for a little while im a british national would like to know how i can get my membershp kindly plz let me know the cost and if i can pay in installment

    mrs j akbar

  5. NO average person can get membership to Gymkhana. You have to belong to a certain family class and elite to get membership. Other option is to get membership to Punjab club. It is for average citizens.

  6. You’re answer to the simple question was quiet harsh. If you want to talk about elite class, I’m a British citizen, and I earn approx £20k’s a month and I drive a Bentley. So just answer the simple question, what’s the membership fee for Gymkhana Lahore?

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