Highrise Malls in Lahore will destroy the city’s character

What was all the activism and fuss about? The powerful builders and other mafia have won. Greed will eat further into Lahore’s fabric…

Where have the Malls added to urban life other than increasing energy consumption and pollution, architectural nightmares and promotion of consumerism at the expense of a variety of shared urban values?


Lahore: Supreme Court allows construction of Famous Mall

THE commission constituted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) to evaluate the construction of multi-storey buildings in accordance with the building by-laws in the provincial capital has allowed Famous Mall to carry on its construction activity.

Furqan-ul-Haq, General Manager of Famous Mall while talking with The News said that construction of their mall was stopped following the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan but was resumed after the permission of the court’s commission, which visited the mall and inspected the construction activity.

He said the mall has reserved three underground floors for parking and its management is following modern techniques of construction.

He said the management had established the concrete-making plant near Town Ship Industrial Estate to avoid any hindrance in the traffic flow at the spot.

He said that a dispensary was also established for workers.

Furqan-ul-Haq said the management of the mall obtained all necessary permissions and sanctions as prevalent at the relevant time and has also got approvals for construction from the relevant agencies thrice.
Source: The News, 21/6/2008

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