Nau Nihal Singhs Haveli Lahore

Nau Nihal Singhs Haveli Lahore, originally uploaded by asmlondon.

Nau Nihal Singhs Haveli Lahore is a landmark. It has several wall paintings representative of the Sikh period. The exterior has been whitewashed for ‘maintenance’.

More photos here at Chitarkar webiste – they show the details and the magic of this structure..

Picture courtesy Asmlondon on Flickr

4 responses to “Nau Nihal Singhs Haveli Lahore

  1. where is it located and is it quite easy to gain entrance?

  2. It is near Rang Mahal – just ask around.
    It is accessible – I was there many years ago so things may have changed!!!

  3. The paintings in the room on the top floor are I believe the best wall murals in Lahore. The room is jewel box of aesthetic delight and well preserved due to limited access or interest.

  4. Rabia
    Many thanks for visiting Lahore Nama
    I look forward to visiting this place after ages

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