Hot ‘sexy’ Mujras have destroyed Lahore’s commercial theatre

Lahore was renowned for its experimental theatre and led the country’s art scene with its sizeable creed of artists, writers and directors. And, whilst that parallel culture of serious theatre is present, it has been sidelined by a crass and commercial brand of entertainment that was earlier popular for the lewd Punjabi jokes.

However, the newest brand consolidated during the 1990s has integrated the old Mujra form albeit in its destroyed shape. What has been the effect of this trend: women, children and families are not found in theatre halls. The larger purpose of theatre as an inclusive form of entertainment, interaction and participation is all decaying. Such is the impact of greed and commercialism. Commercial theatre is now a preserve for the oversexed, possibly under-laid male Lahoris; and rich men from the outskirts come to get a visual-lay to be supplemented by a real one besides the grand old mosque.

Today, someone forwarded this video and sent a link to a blog that has a collection of such stage-d mujras. It is noticeable for the Bollywood influence including the tattoos! I am not sure if they are that hot or sexy though this little “hot” number is redeemed by the attractive performer.

Well, watch it at your own risk!

13 responses to “Hot ‘sexy’ Mujras have destroyed Lahore’s commercial theatre

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  2. That’s the thing you know.. The theater is nothing less than a buthcher shop for talent and art like it used to be. They are killing all forms of decent performers and replacing them with anything that remotely looks like a “girl”

    Sad.. but that’s where the theater scene in Pakistan is going at the moment. But there is hope I guess.. someone will come with something neat and decent.

  3. In the prestigious Arts Counsel “Al Hamra”, which got the Agha Khan Prize for best Muslim Architectural Building a few years ago, almost all the ‘halls’ are playing packed shows of such lewd entertainment. If such is the popularity of the these theatres, it is indicative of a shift in trends and the govt agencies are encouraging them for the entertainment tax: most regrettable.

  4. What a sad decline of art and humanity. If the decline spreads, soon there will be little distinctive about my beautiful land.

    I remember even as early as the 80’s stage drama was alternately funny, coarse and lewd. Artistes like Romana made you laugh, but as she once told me, the way stage drama has gotten, she was ashamed to be seen by acquaintances in some of those plays.

  5. Wakas, Irfan and MSkoonj
    thanks for the comments – I fully agree with you. It is an overall decline that we are facing.
    We have to do something about this

  6. Perhaps if the government allowed both forms of entertainment to coexist in a society, we wouldn’t have come to this sad state of affairs.

    They should let mujras take place in their appropriate environment such as designated neighborhoods as they always had taken place in our societies in the past. Whether you like it or not, sex sells and prostitution often called the oldest occupation in the world is here to stay no matter how hard you try to purify your society using religious zeal, selective morality or ineffectual laws.

    Since the government doesn’t let mujras take place freely, the consumer or the audience has simply found another channel to satisfy their needs and unfortunately, Lahore’s commercial theater became the victim of that.

    Perhaps we should consider how other countries have tackled these issues. Paris and Amsterdam immediately come to my mind. They have designated neighborhoods or red light districts on one hand and flourishing commercial theater on the other. It’s up to the consumer to decide which they wish to frequent.

    One could question how dare we compare our pious Islamic republic with the infidel lands follow their ways and all the nonsense but until the last few decades both mujras and theater independently flourished and happily existed in the subcontinent.

    Alas the puritanical ways of state sponsored mullahism has succeeded in destroying another cultural treasure and now one cannot conceive of going to commercial theater with their family.

  7. It is the matter of mind set,and our ethics.Our all activities must be spent in the light of real Islam.Only then all issuues can be sorted out,otherwise orguments ……… till infinity…….

  8. i feel whatever is being shown in the english commercial plays is equally vulgar. at least in punjbai commercial plays the men stayaway from the women. go and watch bombay dreams or moulan rouge or phantom of the opera….you will find kissing scenes shown in them. however, we tend to ignore vulgarity displayed in them and yet criticize the punjabi plays to be vulgar.

    we need to have self censorship to overcome this issue…. no doubt talibans are coming over …..

  9. In fact, vulgarity is in demand wheather it is English or Punjabi Culture ! If you dont like it never watch these plays and movies. I have never been to theater or cineme for last several decades.

  10. creativity is not commodity.Creativity is for soul and humanity and commodity is for market and material.New epoch is for market and material.Therefore fall of creativity.And market is ruthless demeans humanity.

  11. iwill sex of lahore girls

  12. Mujra is a great thing yar dont speak against it.

  13. First thanks for your “Dil Peshawari” video under the garb of “Exhibit A”.

    Again, one more crying game article with no root-causes forwarded. My dear friend have you ever heard an old number “Video killed radio star”. This four worded line tells the whole story. We are crying for old traditonal theatrical dramas that touched the artisitic high standard value – gone are those days. Even the cinema houses are turning into shopping mall and business plazas. The theatre, the films, all have come in one house one screen that you may call desktop, laptop or iPad. Even on multipurpose cell phones channels are being provided. Now who is going to take pain to go to theatre or cinema houses when the same is available in their house. That’s why the “art”, the Shakespeare, the Victor Hugo, the Cervante, George Bernard Shaw, Pearl S. Buck, Agha Hashar Kashmiri, Saadat Hasan Minto, Krishan Chandra, they are all dead or lost in oblivion. Of course, theatres and cinema houses are there in West but only peered class go there to keep the tradition alive. Alongwith you I am also not happy with this sad and uncalled for extinction or fastly approaching to it, but what to do, that is that.

    It is human nature, if evil is not driven off through effective morality lesson and instead it is forcibily enforced upon us the bigger demon would surface through illegal doors. That is what is happening right here right now. The few remaining theatres are attracting audience on dirty jokes, dirty dances and what not. Police are offered some beautiful “gifts” so money is in rotation. Cinema houses, stop the running Pakistani film, and for a period say half an hour run “Totays”. If you do not know totays – not my fault.

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