Sex, spirituality and history: Searching Lahore?

A few weeks ago when I started this blog dedicated to the inimitable city Lahore; and was lazy to post original stuff – so whatever I found interesting I collated on this blog-space. Quite sheepishly I have to admit that I am most pleased with the way the surfers have stopped here and even commented. Like me, there are many a Lahore-lovers and hence the interest.

Though I was most amused why the traffic was going up – here are the top ten reasons why people halted at Lahore Nama – funny, real and of course revealing:

  1. sexy hot lahore
  2. name of books related culture of lahore
  3. toxic waste multan road shahbaz sharif
  4. old Lahore
  5. map of old lahore walled city
  6. hira mandi
  7. pics of sufi shrines
  8. shrines**
  9. online mujra/sexy mujra
  10. data sahib

I am wondering where is the sexy hot Lahore except the post on Mujras..

They say, LOL…

7 responses to “Sex, spirituality and history: Searching Lahore?

  1. A bunch of people looking for “testicles in lahore” ended up on my blog. lol.

    It is a weird world.

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  3. Aqeel
    LOL – that was funny indeed

  4. Yar Raza, can you please remove Bibi Pak Daman from the list or replace it by some suitable ‘phrase’ as it refers to the burial site of the Prophet’s (S.A.W.W.) family members? Thanks!

  5. SAWJ
    Apologies. I have fixed it

  6. Hi .. it is not just sex , it is history which makes lahore unique

  7. hello everyone i belong to afghanistan i need some pakistani female for sex in peshawar
    you can contact with me anytime only females !

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