Donkey in Lahore

Found this little introduction to the forthcoming film:

Donkey in Lahore tells the real life tale of Brian, an Australian Goth whose skills as a puppeteer takes him on a journey that transcends borders, religion and love. While visiting Lahore in Pakistan to perform at a puppet festival, Brian meets Amber, 17. Ten years Brian’s junior, Amber doesn’t seem a likely match for this tear-away Goth. She’s a devout Muslim and still lives at home with her tight-knit family. Yet in a whirlwind two-week romance during which the pair are never alone together, they fall in love. Over the next two years, Brian and Amber continue their relationship by correspondence. Brian converts to Islam in order to be accepted by Amber’s family and so that he can marry her. Brian’s struggle to marry Amber is fraught as he battles the Australian immigration system, costly trips between the two countries, his own religious conversion, lifestyle changes and last but not least the stern disapproval of Amber’s parents! What unfolds is a real life Romeo and Juliet tale that spans the globe, a captivating story of love that borders on obsessive. From Brisbane to Lahore, from Christianity to Islam, can these star-cross’d lovers live happily ever after? Donkey in Lahore is a documentary five years in the making. Filmed in true observational style, award-winning Australian director Faramarz K-Rahber uses his unique access and skills to deliver a powerful film full of intimacy and intrigue. [imdb]

4 responses to “Donkey in Lahore

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  2. Shakeela Sharif

    i m a student of mphil environmental sciences from punjab university.This is very informative website relating every aspect.

  3. Many thanks for visiting!
    Do come back

  4. budyy u should send us the pics and the videoa clips of ur arrival and tour we wanna see lahore too.

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