Encroachments ruining monuments in Lahore

Art historian Prof Dr Ejaz Anwar said that Lahore had a very important place as a historical city and was no less significant than other historical cities like London, Paris, Rome or Madrid. He said the city was heir to an ancient civilisation, but encroachments were ruining historical monuments in the city. He said the authorities were not doing anything against the practice. Dr Anwar said that in the years he had spent in Rome, Paris and Cairo, he had witnessed that the governments had preserved their civilisations. He said that the way the Walled City was filled with encroachments was presenting Lahore as the most polluted and ill-preserved cities in the world. He said the encroachers were throwing garbage, toxic substances and various chemicals around monuments, destroying the city’s heritage. Dr Anwar said that the vibration of heavy vehicles at Lorry Adda was gradually weakening the Lahore Fort, which is present right in front of the bus stand. He said the vibration had also destroyed a quadrangle situated beside the bus stand. He said the law-enforcement agencies were providing the encroachers electricity and water, instead of forcing them out. staff report

Source: The Daily Times

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