The other, uninspiring side of Lahore

Old City Lahore, originally uploaded by sewage.

This is a picture taken from the majestic Fort


4 responses to “The other, uninspiring side of Lahore

  1. Why are you xalling these the uninspiring side of Lahore. Here is where inspiration comes from. All this is rough and disordered but here is where there is place for every one. It is a city of multiple colours. You can not make it one colored or one style. It is a city that is 2000 years old and has a long history of all the cultures that developed here.
    What I am trying to say is that we have got everything but we lack self-respect and self-pride. We can not own both good and bad sides of our culture. You work is marvellous. Now think of Lahore after reading my comments and take these pictures again. I woulsd love to see those new angles.

  2. Faiza you are right
    Lahore is varied and multi-facedted but I was just referring to the mess of urban planning etc. through this post

  3. Hey, I took this picture. I thought it looked interesting so that’s why I snapped it in the first place. 🙂

  4. thanks S for visiting Lahore Nama
    Your pic was most interesting

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