‘Lahore unique among beautiful cities’

‘Lahore unique among beautiful cities’

By Ali Usman and Adnan Lodhi

LAHORE: Lahore maintains its unique fragrance among the world’s most beautiful cities, said Dr Ronki Ram, Punjab University Political Science Department Chairman, Chandigarh, India.

Dr Ronki is in Lahore to attend a seminar arranged by Sir Ganga Ram Heritage Foundation. He said, “Lahore is a culturally rich city where several literary activities go side by side. On one side urs celebrations of Shah Inayat go on while on the other side a classical music sittings are arranged at Alhamra.”

He said he had visited several countries across the world, but Lahore occupied a special place among them.

“Lahore, Lahore aye. I have seen many people discussing Bulleh Shah and other Punjabi Sufi poets. The air becomes misty when people recite their poetry. An old adage that reads that he who has not seen Lahore has not born yet, truly describes the grandeur of this city. Lahore, being Data’s city mesmerises visitors.”

He lauded the Lahore Museum for well-preserved Hindu idols. “When someone goes through antiques put at the museum, history of the Subcontinent flashes before his or her eyes.” He said Lahoris had become more politically aware than they were four years ago during his visit to the city.

“I love Lahori food. I enjoyed Kashmiri daal chawal, biryani and chicken karahi in the food street. Shrines of Lahore spellbind visitors. If someone wants to be blessed, he or she should visit Lahore.”

Ronki said the governments in both the countries should soft visa conditions so that more people cross the border. He said opening of borders would bring the both the nations closer.


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  3. No doubt Lahore is the only one of it’s kind.

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