Lahore women turn to gyms for fitness

‘Women as health-conscious as men’

* Women from all walks of life joining fitness centres

By Shahrukh Ayub

LAHORE: Women are apparently as health conscious as men, as gyms and health centres for females seem to be packed, revealed a survey conducted by Daily Times.

As the importance to look physically fit escalates in society, particularly in the case of women, joining a gym is gaining popularity amongst them.

Gyms are very crowded in the morning, which is considered to be a peak time for exercise. Women, especially from the elite classes, are now giving so much importance to their health, that they are ready to join gyms despite busy schedules.

Women: Women from all walks of life work out at health centres, irrespective of whether they are businesswomen or housewives. A famous fashion designer was spotted at a gym in Gulberg, although she has to follow a very busy schedule. A housewife at a gym on Zafar Ali Road said, “I have four kids who go to college and although they are grown up now, I still have to take care of them. I cook food for them and have a busy routine, but I still take time out for exercise. Sometimes I go to the gym in the evening, and other times in the morning. But I never miss.”

A visitor at the Gymkhana Club said, “Six to seven months ago, I was overweight. I did not like to go anywhere and my blood pressure was increasing by the day. A friend suggested that I should join a gym, which I then did. Within a few months, I started losing weight and I am not overweight anymore. My blood pressure is also normal. I have one school-going kid. I drop him to school and then go to the gym. I have to take out time for exercise, but it is necessary.”

Women join fitness clubs for different reasons some to reduce weight, others to keep themselves healthy, and still others to exercise as a necessity.

Clubs are offering lifetime memberships for fees ranging from Rs 100,000 to Rs 450,000 and people are buying these memberships. In fact, it has now become difficult to get the membership of any club because they are jam-packed all the time.

23 responses to “Lahore women turn to gyms for fitness

  1. I did some research into the gym industry a few days back and the fees are insanely high. For those of who can’t and don’t want to blow so much money off on gyms, they can safely get 2kg, 5kg or 8kg dumbells at the local sports store and Google some exercises up 🙂 Parks are there for your daily walk/jog and it makes you feel really good.

  2. but please dont lose too much weight women. keep a little bit of meat (specially in the right places) bcos men love that.

    by the way are the gyms co or timings are seperate. i wanna be in a co gym and check women out. it will open up more opportunities to hook up (nothing wrong with that)

  3. Good but I would like women to do some research on this matter as overexercising is not good for fertility.

  4. Shaheen Sultan Dhanji

    wow…Ghani & Pringles are so full of advice! But…gentlemen…I think it is our bodies and we shall decide how much “meat” we would like to shed …yes? Certainly the gym regime is for our well being and not to impress men! C’mon…join the co gym, but don’t think we women are there to check out your body mass! lol

    Pringles, dear, pls do not worry about “overexercising”…women give birth and know their own bodies.

    Good article. Cheers,

  5. @ shaheen

    but women check out mens bodies too at gyms !!

  6. i think women go to gym who are concious about there figure etc. wastage of time. best is swiming.

  7. dieting ,eating habits also contributes.

  8. ASA
    I am trying to find my friend nughat afroza, possibly lives in defence society lahore. i have not seen her for last 45 years. she spent her early youth years in badami bagh lahore and ,adrasatul banat.

  9. who gives a fuck about **** anyway, they are no more than a distraction, i tell you boys, a hot chick in the gym and you wouldnt be able to train (personal experience – and that is the most fucked up thing when you are looking for a good hard session).

    but if you give it another thought, its nice to have chicks. it kind of has its pros and cons.

    but of course out of shape women must train co-gyms or otherwise.

  10. ashamed to share the same species

    @ ahmad: your mother didn’t raise a good human being. my sympathies to the poor lady. please also apply the words below to yourself.

    @ ghani: your soul needs serious work. i love recalling the hadees about men’s eyes being sealed with molten lead in hell at times like these. makes being alive with people like you much more bearable. “Direct the believing men to keep their eyes always lowered and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Surely Allah is Well Aware of the (works) which they are busy doing.” Surah Noor (24:30). i wish you had a God.

    @ pringles: for the sake of whatever time you have left on this earth: educate yourself. your words reek.

  11. @ ashamed to share the same species

    oh pan **********, *****, ager teri ma main itna hi kisi musalman ka ******* hai tou ******** liya ‘ladies gym’ search kiya hai.

    i feel like ***** your mom ************

    sara din ******************** say we have been held back this much.

    yeah i check out every woman, you gotta problem with that *************.


    qadri ka khaba *********.


  12. @ ashamed to share the same species

    **** ja kay history parh, tujhe pata chlay muslman kia kia ****** rehay hain.

    hari topi wala ****, terrorist, just because of people like you war on terror came to our doorstep. i ll seriously rape you a**hole.


  13. ashamed to share the same species

    um. i’m a lady. ahmad, really? i’m a 36 year old married lady. I just wanted to take up a martial arts class or a gym membership. relax and possibly try to be a happier, kinder person. your publishing such comments on an open forum especially to a stranger shows your own character, it honestly has nothing to do with me or anyone else. why are you so angry and ready to say such horrible things? I know in my heart that men were created by God Almighty to be strong, kind, extremely giving and nurturing souls, simply because they become fathers one day. I hope you smile now, and I pray you raise your sons and daughters to be happy people too one day. Salam. 🙂

  14. ashamed to share the same species

    But thank you for replying twice, which is why I am returning the favor. 🙂 You are a passionate and fiery one, aren’t you? Please re-read my posts in case you still think I am a man 😀 I do believe my gender is very apparent in how I write 🙂 Have a good day! 🙂

    • if you have havnt read my post sent in 20 mins earlier, please do.

      since i have had it out of the system, i apologize for all the words that i said, just because you are an older woman (though i really dont think i should be apologetic)

  15. @ ashamed to share the same species.

    seems like you got more than you could handle.
    I dont care about your gender (though i really think you deserve it but still since i know that you are a woman, the following post contains only those obscenities which are absolutely mandatory), i care about what you wrote, you really dont need to thank me for replying twice, i didnt do it to please you but to tell you that you made poor selection of words which led you into pissing someone off real bad.

    i have the worst possible character, thank you very much (if that makes you sleep well – good for you i guess). if you are 36 year, you should have known better and shouldnt have directly replied my post.

    “your mother didn’t raise a good human being. my sympathies to the poor lady. please also apply the words below to yourself” – how the fuck can you say that, now really and who the fuck are you to say that.

    you really are one clueless woman and i am willing to say the nastiest possible things, how could you expect anything better once you read me saying ‘who cares about bitches anyway’.

    you wana get fit, better train in a gym than be sermonic, your words apparently fall on deaf ears.

    you called my mom a poor lady just because i said ‘who care about bitches – and that they are distraction in the gym’, why the fuck would you say that, thats my opinion and continue living in whatever world you live in, but if you have brains alongwith some normal human hormones (both of which you apparently lack) you would realize that i have a point. any my mom didnt raise a good human being (dont you really really think your words merit a serious verbal abuse). saying that ‘woman in gym are distraction and that in gym who cares about bitches’ makes me a bad human being, you really need to work on your definition ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

    i clearly said in my earlier post that i am saying all that from personal experience – now my eyes are gona filled with molten lead just because i saw something that god created and instilled a desire in me to check em out – what i am supposed to say – one can only be decent but ones gotta check out.

    and you said ‘i wish you had a god’ (this is probably in reply to ghanis post, but since you said it applies to me so it does) now how do you know that i dont have a god and that you are so sure that you have one.

    you shouldnt have called my mom a poor lady you FB, you really shouldn’t have. maybe she tried her best, but your statement was below the belt.

  16. women as compare to men ahve gone long behind men in terms of there fitness.
    And please anyone among you if you can cal sister Nuzhat and sister Rahat call them as I have lost thier phone numbers please.Irt is important for us to see them

  17. sub behnchod ghanty bachy hein

  18. Hi some sadly uneducated people around lets get the facts correct- men and women go to the gym for various reasons- to look good , to increase their confidence , to loose weight, tone up, cardiovascular fitness, health reasons- reduces heart disease , stroke, diabetes risk , reduce osteoporosis risk ie bone thinning, sports injury recovery etc , and it’s not just Lahore women going to the gym to turn to fitness but around the world countries are aware of exercise and fitness.. People going to mixed gyms to eye each other up is sad news is there no other places around??
    So every one start getting fit by joining a gym, fitness class , walking etc there is lots of ways to get fit.

  19. A great gym opening soon is SAMS in Gulberg 111 – check out
    separate female & male timings

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