Lahore’s seedy brothels and official hypocrises

This little news item encapsulates a world of forbidden pleasures, sleaze, official hypocrisy and the appreciation that the Police gets when crime and lawlessness require a shift in priorities. Who can ever run a brothel and sell consumer sex without Police information and tacit approval in the first place??

‘Brothel’ raided

LAHORE: Green Town Police raided a brothel-cum-dance club and arrested five people including a girl. They also recovered 4,000 bottles of foreign liquor and an illegal weapon. The arrested were identified as Zubair, Irshad Kamal, Sheraz, Rashid Butt and Iram. The place’s owner, Aysha of 69/B- PCSIR Colony and her four accomplices fled. Rashid Butt had told the police that Aysha used to supply foreign liquor to residents of affluent localities of Lahore and Islamabad and the consignment seized by the police was about to be sent to Islamabad. He further told the police that some of the liquor had been stored in Punjab Society, in the limits of Sattukatla Police Station. Police raided the said place and recovered 4,000 bottles of liquor. The senior superintendent of police has announced cash prizes and appreciation certificates for the police team. staff report

15 responses to “Lahore’s seedy brothels and official hypocrises

  1. these acts are IMMORAL. they should be banned. the poor ugly men drinking alcohol and having sex with prostitutes its just disgusting. ….right people. the truck drivers and the construction workers and the other ugly men who cannot get sex socially. they deserve to be arrested.

    however the goodlooking rich guys of defence can do all these things and even ALLAH MIAN will give them less GUNAH.

    because afterall they have the proper channels to do these things in a social and PRESENTABLE way… parties, drugs like hash and ecstacy and alcohol, casual sex, making out and flirting. they can do it all.

    the ugly and poor man cannot. also the goodlooking rich boys look good doing these things. also the women are happy to do it with them. they were made to do all these things.

    also the rich UNCLES can drink wine after playing golf and go to a hotel to see a foreign EXOTIC dance (a party organized by some MNC)

    but when a poor man goes to see a NUDE MUJRA its seen as disgusting.

    why this hypocrisy?

  2. These raids are designed to keep the police and their companions supplied with booze and to scare other whorehouse “entrepreneurs” into raising the police’s “pound of flesh” which includes both cash and flesh. It also gets them promoted.

  3. Can anybody tell me what happened to the booze? My guess:
    1. 5% comprising of the lowest quality will be symbolically destroyed.
    2. 10% will be stolen by the local police.
    3. The choicest (5%) goes to the non-police real bigwigs.
    4. 80% will end up in the market. Spoils will go to our stalwart police according to sliding scale.

    There were probably 6000 bottles to begin with. The 2000 will probably be “re-sold” to the reigning pimps.

  4. ghani : you are mad. so what if the goodlooking guys are succesful with girls. are you jealous of them?

    i think men who go to these brothels are perverted and surely have something wrong with their character. its these men who keep this business alive.

  5. Ghani

    Your comment has been deleted for the language that we wish to avoid at Lahore Nama . I think Aleena’s rhetorical and half comic comment did not deserve the response – even though some of your points were valid.

    Please post again with least possible four lettered words – apologies for this censorship but we can make all the arguments as long as we keep the discourse free of the words we much like to use but should carefully use..


    you are a perfect example of a goody good liberal hypocrite. she sees no wrong no HARAM when the goodlooking rich guys are having casual sex with girls…. its their birth right. afterall they were born to do it…they deserve it. even herself would go weak in the knees for them, flirt with them and have casual affairs with them. no wrong.

    but obviously these women think its a SINfor the ordinary guy to get sex….afterall why do they want just sex anyways…. why cant they have a meaningful relationship with a girl who loves them (oooh really) why cant they see beyond sex and be-friend the opposite sex.

    i have a better idea… why cant they cut of their penises ??

    women are disgusted with men who go to prostitutes but not with guys who are really goodlooking and can seduce girls easily into having casual sex.

    its true that when it comes to casual affairs sex and flirting women flock to a handful of best quality men. look at lions and seals and other animals. a handful of most dominant and attractive males end up mating with with several females each. for casual sex women do the same thing.

    its only long term relationships and companionship and support that makes them come to the ordinray men. otherwise if sex was their objective they would ONLY go to top quality men. its hardwired in their minds by nature.

    so women should think twice before judging a guy who has no choice but to go to a prostitutite, bcos you wont open your legs for him SOCAILLY.

    becaue if a woman is just ordinary looking she can still go up to a goodlooking guy and be his sex object for the day. a man of higher standard wont marry you or make you his girlfriend but surely have sex with you… men will lower their sandards for casual affairs and sex and women know this very well. so if sex is your objetive why wont you go to the best looking guy around.

    remember :
    a female donkey will readily let a horse mount her.
    but a mare will never let a donkey do the same.

    a mans ability to have sex with a large number of women represents his greater utility over other men…. his looks, his social status etc.
    a womans ability to have sex with many men represents nothing more than her WILLINGNESS.

  7. They provide cheap entertainment for middle classes.

  8. Why is sexual morality the only morality that we consider worthwhile? It is not a matter of rich or poor, handsome or ugly, a man or a woman. It is more than that.
    The other most important question is: why is it acceptable for police to barge into someones house irrespective of their social status? Remenber, Once the Second Caliph, Hazrat Umar heard singing from a house. The door was locked, so he jumped over the wall to put astop to it. He saw the owner of the house drinking. Instead of getting frightend, the owner rebuked the caliph for his access and reminded him that what he does in the privacy of his house was no ones business. The caliph said he was ashamed and appologized.
    pakistan is a failed country in many ways. it has a failed government and a non functional society.

  9. sometime ago i found out a brothel house close to my house, i became upset and i thought to take the matter to the police and do something, yes i saw many times they supply girls. but then i realized that they are doing in privacy of their homes, Islam does not allow “HUD” on just allegations, one has to present 4 pious witnesses.

    we see the situation as unfair but Allah has its own plans and he is the best planner.

    i think, the only way out is to learn Islam and do what our prophet did.

    “Alee” u r right

  10. You people should know,you are making sin by giving these kinds of comments,In islam there is no difference between rich and poor,black and white,race and nationality,Those poor and ugly guys have the same right like you rich guys,but better u people safe your self from making sin by writting immoral words,those poor make those mistake bcoz they are not educated,but u people are educated,if you well educated and wrich hansome guys and girls still do the same,then i think you people have no right to blam an uneducated person,i hop u people start thingking in a different way,God bless You,

  11. Asslamualikum. Prostitution rate is increasing in Pakistan. Its becoming a big industry. But about 55% women are doing so by their own well and these women belongs to high gendary. Punjab University Girls also take part in Prostitutional activities. These girls are doing so by their own sake of satisfaction. What is it ? would anybody like to tell me. Why these educated women are part of prostitution.

  12. Police’s activities is great, but after high officials from isb advice, police have to release all.

    what you say about it ?

    i don’t know but sure this have repeated.

  13. i m with aleena . she is right

  14. 03008349334
    Cntct Us For Drugs And Girls On Demand In Lahore, Islamabad, Okara, Sialkot, Pindi, Peshawar And Islamabad.

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