Funny slogans on cars becoming common in Lahore

Funny slogans on cars becoming common in Lahore

* Cars’ back screens also being used to spread agenda, preach to people * PU Centre for Clinical Psychology director says such youngsters are neglected and seek fame

By Ali Usman

LAHORE: Youngsters in the city seem to be in a race to impress others through the writings on the rear screens of their cars, as most cars in the city have some message on them for others.

The witty, and sometimes smutty, statements on the rear screens of cars are often written to catch people’s attention. Some youngsters also write quotations, and even names of their beloved ones, especially their girlfriends.

Sohail Malik, a resident of Gulberg, had a statement on his car that read, “Mom says no more girls.” He said that he had written it just for the sake of fun, and that his views on the ‘issue’ were totally different. “Girls often dislike this statement, but some become my friend just because of it,” he said, adding that he did not believe that there was anything ‘immoral’ in it, and that he was just using his ‘freedom of expression’.

Amir, a resident of Model Town, had “If you are mad, I am your dad” written on the back screen of his car.

He said that it was a ‘warning to others’ attempting to overtake him on the city roads. He however said that it was not an attempt hurt anybody’s feelings.

The young drivers often write such statements on their cars to make readers laugh. A youngster had a message on the back of her car that read, “Fasla rakhain warna piyar ho jaye ga” (Keep distance or you might fall in love).

Another car in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) had “Waldain ka adab karo, Santro kia BMW bhi milay ge” (Respect your parents and you’ll get a BMW instead of a Santro) written on it. Aqif Sheikh, another resident of the DHA had written “Looking good is a curse” on his car. Another car in the locality had “Save the drama for your mama” written on it.

Spreading agenda: As youngsters write statements on the back screens of their cars to seek attention, others use the space to spread their agenda.

This practice was evident during the general elections when political workers wrote slogans on their cars in favour of their leaders. Some lawyers had also pasted stickers in favour of sacked judges on the back screen of their cars. Some of them read, ‘Restore Judges’ and ‘Save Judiciary, Join Lawyers’ Movement’.

Safdar Hussain, a lawyer, said that the stickers had played an important role in creating awareness on the issues among people. He said that there was no harm in using ‘modern methods’ for sharing one’s ideology.

Some people had also used their cars’ back screen for preaching purposes or for sharing their beliefs, and others had written Quranic verses on their cars for protection.

A car owned by Dilawar Hussain, a resident of Model Town, had “Ali Maula (AS)” written on its back screen. He said that the name had saved him from many curses. “What is bad in showing your beliefs? I think if one wants to preach his ideas like this, there is no harm in it,” he added.

Neglected: Punjab University (PU) Centre for Clinical Psychology Director Dr Nosheen K Rehman said that most youngsters wrote such statements to seek others’ attention. “Those who do not get attention at their homes or in society adopt such methods to get attention of others,” she said, adding that it was not a healthy practice. She said that such people could earn fame and others’ attention through hard work.

However, she said that new ways were being adopted for advertisement purposes, and writing on cars was one of them

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