Reconstructing history

LAHORE: The renovation of the pavilion of Sheesh Mahal (Palace of Mirrors) is underway. The Sheesh Mahal is part of Shah Burj (King’s Tower) inside the Lahore Fort. It was inlaid with pietra dura and complex mirror work of the finest quality. It is among the 21 monuments that were built by Mughal emperors inside Lahore Fort. During the Sikh era, Shah Burj became Ranjit Singh’s favourite place. He built a harem on the top of Sheesh Mahal. This was also the place where he used to display his prized possession, the Koh-i-Noor. iqtidar zaidi


5 responses to “Reconstructing history

  1. Its now positively embarassing to go to this place. A set of bamboos prevent visitors from going near, and furthermore the ugly steel structure installed on its top has taken away all the beauty of the place. Thats what happens wherever the ‘departments’ take over.

  2. When Tony B-Liar’s wife happened to be n Lahore a few years ago I visited it along with her party. I didnt realise that there were miniatures painted on the walls before then.

  3. I have been to Pakistan half-a-dozen times in the past one year. The reason for my visit has been journalistic and authorial, for I am working over biography of Lahore’s most famous son, Imran Khan. Each time I visit Lahore, enchanting beauty of Palace of Mirrors draw me near the Lahore Red Fort. It is a mesmerizing tale of love and wonder.
    I find it absolutely ravishing. Even today, the place glitter with aroma of history and magnificence.
    People of Lahore are fortunate to have such a wonderful architecture in their midst.
    I wish I were born in Lahore
    Frank Huzur-
    New Delhi, India

  4. Thanks Frank for your lovely comment 🙂

  5. I was born in Lahore and couldn’t be prouder! The Sikhs and the Brits (of that time) should be ashamed of destroying our beautiful and magnificent mughal history. The Gems they stole can never be replaced, the walls they destroyed can never be re-built. But you have to hand to the mughals, they knew beauty.

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