Nostalgia for Lahore

Found this comment on my piece on the Lawrence Gardens Lahore.

(Raza Rumi)

Surfing the net, I stumbled upon this write-up on the beautiful Lawrence Gardens of Lahore, and bitter-sweet memories came flooding back…

I was born in Lahore in 1936. We lived not far away from the Gardens, at No. 10 Egerton Road. Some of my earliest memories are of going to the gardens in a tonga, down Lawrence Road, next to the unending wall around Governor’s house, the main entrance guarded by white British soldiers. I remember a large plantation of tall pine trees at the beginning of the gardens, near the Gymkhana Club. I remember the Cosmopolitan Club, where my father was a member, the big lawns outside where we often played. Also, as an avid cricket fan, I remember watching Abdul Hafeez Kardar score 176 runs against the visiting Australian cricket team in the ground which was located inside the gardens.

After 1947, I have never been able to return to Lawrence Gardens or see my beloved Lahore again.

Sometimes, when meeting Lahorians abroad, I have enquired about our old house at 10 Egerton Road. It was a large red kothi with a ‘nehar’ flowing outside down Egerton Road. I was told once that it had been broken down and replaced by a 5 star hotel.

Anyway, many thanks for making me remember the wonderful days of my childhood at Lahore!

Subhash Mahindra
Hyderabad, India

One response to “Nostalgia for Lahore

  1. Hi Mr. Sbhash, Just an enquiry . Was your father in printing & press business, (Mr. Ram Chand or so).

    Holday in is constcted on no24 &25 edgerton road. Gymkhana ahas shifted to new place in 70’s 7 the building now house a liabrary. Cosmopoliton club is very much there with some old folks.

    Edgerton road is less spolied than rest of old lahore. The governor house is a building which is almost preserve to its past glory.

    You lived the golden moments of Lahore.

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