Dancing lawyers of Lahore

By Rana Tanveer writing for the Daily Times:

LAHORE: Jubilant celebrations erupted at the Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) immediately after Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf announced his resignation from the presidency. The lawyers took to The Mall and congratulated each other while dancing to show their approval.

The lawyers reached the bar rooms at 1pm to listen to the president’s address, and with the announcement of resignation, hundreds of lawyers came out of bar rooms shouting slogans. Lawyers gathered at the LHCBA compound despite vacations in courts and congratulated each other. They said that the resignation was a result of their movement and the sacrifices they had rendered for the restoration of democracy and the independence of the judiciary. However, they termed it a partial victory, as the sacked judges have not been reinstated yet. During their celebrations, many lawyers were also seen busy on their mobile phones, congratulating their friends and relatives. They also distributed sweets amongst each other at the LHCBA. Political activists and representatives of the civil society also reached GPO Chowk as they rallied on The Mall, and congratulated the protesting lawyers.

They hoped that the sacked judges would be reinstated soon. Some motorists also pulled over and joined the ‘celebrations’, while others congratulated the lawyers by waving their hands and flashing the victory sign to them. Female lawyers also joined the celebrations and distributed sweets. The dancing lawyers also demanded that Gen (r) Musharraf be brought to account for “gross constitutional violations”. “It is truly a historical day, a day to celebrate. We thank God and salute the nation who has wholeheartedly supported the lawyers’ movement,” said LHCBA President Anwar Kamal. After 30 minutes of celebrations on The Mall, the lawyers retuned to the LHCBA premises.


4 responses to “Dancing lawyers of Lahore

  1. These lawyers should remember that the present ‘Champions’ of the judiciary are the same people who once attacked the sitting Chief Justice of the then Supreme Court and tried to assault him physically – forcing him later to resign. Times do change, and our memories are too short.

    The only sane voice to rein the failed politicians of the past is now gone: it is the same promises and the same pretexts now- going unbridled.

  2. There was dancing when Musharraf took over! Are we just fond of dancing or is there a good reason?

  3. alas, what sensible comments
    short memories are the order of the day

  4. AmbraaN nu dhooRaaN uD-diyaaN, lawyer bhangRay paaoNday… 😀

    BTW, I found http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPsr1RnEfWo to be very evocative. 🙂

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