At last, someone’s put two and two together

We’re all familiar with the effects commercialization has had on the city.  Traffic congestion has worsened, increasing noise and air pollution.  At last, the Environment Protection Agency Punjab has realized that commercialization has serious affects on the environment.  Already we consume the most polluted air in the history of the city.

I pray that someone notices this bit of news and acts on it.  So far, the Chief Minister has promised “mega” development projects.  And we know what that means: more roads and more space to commercialize.

To read more about the effects of haphazard commercialization (other than the standard traffic congestion stuff), have a look at UET faculty Obaidullah Nadeem and Dr. Razwan Hameed’s haphazard-commercialization-in-lahore-obaidullah-nadeem1 on the subect.

One response to “At last, someone’s put two and two together

  1. Rafay Alam
    Great going at Lahore Nama. thanks for becoming a part of this blog-zine
    Excellent post and great links. The paper you have posted is terrific. I hope this is being read and the policy makers will take notice.
    In the meantime, the visitors and bloggers are requested to take note for maximum coverage!
    Raza Rumi

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