State should provide sex education

‘State should provide sex education’

* City lacks community centres where the youth can freely express themselves
* Popular social networking sites are being misused by the youth

By Ali Usman (Daily Times)

LAHORE: The state does not provide the youth with proper guidance regarding gender issues and sexual studies, leading to odd behaviour when they express their suppressed ideas in frustration at the wrong place and time, experts told Daily Times.

They said that even in big cities like Lahore, there was a lack of community centres where the youth could express themselves and exchange ideas. “When the youth is left with no way to express what they feel or think, they end up using the wrong channels to release their frustration. Proof of this is the social networking websites that are being extensively misused by Internet surfers, who upload obscene pictures and/or vulgar messages to them,” they said.

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP)’s Husain Naqi said that it was the state’s responsibility to build such institutes to promote moral values. He said that if there were no sex education provided to the youth, they would certainly talk about it whenever and wherever they got the chance. He said that there had been no work on the reconstruction of Islamic thought since the time of Allama Iqbal, adding that the youth lacked guidance. Naqi said that it was also a responsibility of the mosques to educate the youth about moral values so that they do not malign the country’s image by uploading obnoxious messages or pictures. He added that the youth used the social networking sites on the Internet to express their frustration, as they were not given proper guidance about them.

Noted psychologist Amjad Tufail said that the media could play an important role in guiding the youth on how to deal with sexual issues. “Programmes should be arranged on TV in which psychologists could provide sex education and guidance to the youth,” he said.

Misuse: Today’s youth turn to popular social networking sites like Orkut, Myspace, Facebook, Hi5 and Oxls to interact with their peers.

Mariam Javed has been using social networking sites for the last five years, she said that she noticed that people used these sites to release their pent-up sexual frustration. She said that this was a problem around the world but it was quite severe in Pakistan, as the youth did not have many opportunities to interact with each other properly.

Zafarullah Shaheen, an Internet surfer working with a multinational company, said that a number of Internet surfers used the social networking sites for uploading vulgar messages and pictures instead of using it for constructive purposes. He said, “Such things malign the country’s image abroad. A recently conducted survey by Google has revealed that the most sex queries on Google are made from Pakistan. Earlier, most queries were made from Vietnam.”

An Information Technology student at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Shakeel Sultan, said that the managers of such sites should block all profiles that had uploaded anything obscene through their accounts.

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  1. i want a female sex partner

  2. sex education shud be provided to the youth through proper channel..must be arranged in universites, colleges etc..

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