The pitiable state of Anarkali – a frustrated citizen complains

Anarkali, originally uploaded by iamkhayyam.

Lahore…a historical city; more like a historical ruin if I were to appropriately put it. Ironically and sadly, I live in in Anarkali which is one of the innumerable pathetic places in this God forsaken city. We don’t get any water here. It’s Ramzan these days and there has been absolutely NO water in the pipeline for the last 3 days. It’s an everyday headache here. Even when there is little water, the supply gets discontinued at 10:oo AM and comes back some time around the evening. The local Water and Sanatation Authority (May God curse them with some incurable lethal disease) have listed fake phone numbers of complaint cells on Utility bills. Gas pipelines are in the same pitiful conditions. Ours got ruptured and I called emergency 119 and the line was dead…not for a day…but for the entire week.

To sum up the above random accounts I’ve had…you could say Lahore’s extents start at D.H.A, include Gulberg, Model Town and some other high-fi localities and end WAY before you reach the slums district such as the one I live in. The government has totally forgotten about these places and that it’s humans who live here.
This is what Lahore really is.

2 responses to “The pitiable state of Anarkali – a frustrated citizen complains

  1. I used to visit Anarkali frequently in my childhood. There is hardly anything left of those times. I went there in the winter and it was depressing to walk through it. The population explosion is a major factor in causing the change but along with that is the complete absence of administration. The streets behind the bazaar are in very bad shape and many houses are in a dangerous state. I almost wish I had not gone there since my chilhood memories were tarnished.

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