Five deer stolen from Jallo Wildlife Park, Lahore

* Accused claim deer feeder killed a fawn while cutting into cage

Staff Report

LAHORE: Batapur Police registered a case against five officials of the Jallo Wildlife Park on Sunday for killing one deer and stealing five others.

Batapur Police registered the First Information Report (FIR) on the complaint of Jallo Wildlife Park Security In-charge Muhammad Anwar Maan, who alleged that five deer were found missing from their cage, adding that watchmen Qadeer Shah, Muhammad Ashraf and Hammayun Akhtar told him about the missing deer. He said that he went to look at the cage himself following their report. He alleged that the said persons had shown negligence in their duties and should be held responsible for the missing deer, adding that the police officials should recover the deer from their possession.

Investigation officer of the case, Assistant Sub-inspector (ASI) Jameel Asghar said that police have started investigating into the matter.

Hammayun Akhtar alleged that he had finished his duty at 6am, adding that he had given the charge to Muhammad Anwar Maan. He said that, however, he had to work overtime till 8am, adding that they both saw six deer running from the cage. He said that both men managed to capture one deer while the rest escaped and vanished in the nearby wheat fields. He said that he inspected the cage of the deer and found that it was broken, adding that the incident took place due to the shortage of staff. He alleged that the grill of the cage was also damaged due to zinc.

Fawn: Meanwhile, Qadeer Shah and Muhammad Ashrad alleged that they had been working extra to cover for Rana Abid, who was on vacation. They said that according to Haq Butt, who feeds the deer, he saw one person breaking the deer’s cage. They said that according to Haq Butt, he could also identify the man easily, adding that the man that broke the cage was identified as Rana Abid. They alleged that according to Haq Butt, Rana Abid had also killed a fawn while cutting into the cage. Muhammad Anwar Maan, however, alleged that Rana Abid was on vacation for aitekaf at the time.

3 responses to “Five deer stolen from Jallo Wildlife Park, Lahore

  1. those were nine deer, as far as i knew

  2. Oh really..tell us more Zaheer – this is quite theft!

  3. Shaheen Sultan Dhanji

    Yes, I second Raza…. Let’s find out what is going on! The theft is absolutely not on — very sad.

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