Khusray ke Kabab

Eid Mubarak to all the readers. We are cross-posting another piece that explores the myriad culinary delights of Lahore.

by Aqeel Ahmad

I was as baffled to know the name of this place as you are after reading the title. For those who aren’t familiar with the word ‘Khusra’, it means a transexual. We’ll talk about the food in a bit. Let me first share my discomfort for not being able to understand the reason for having such a crude name. I’ll have to resort to guesses since nobody could tell me the real reason. Here is one: There was a chap in the waiters forum in his mid-forties (i think), he was wearing a dopatta and walking ‘that’ walk. He graced us by waiting on our table too. Perhaps it is not them (the management of this dhaba), it is the public that has named the place like this.

Khusray ke kabab dhaba is located at the obscurest possible place in Lahore. At the junction of Mall road and Tufail road in the cantt area, hidden behind a sort-of-skyscraper hotel building. The dhaba is actually a movable cart parked in an open-air parking lot and customer tables on the other side. There is no sign of any sort on the road indicating its presence which means they don’t have walk-in customers. It is a living example of the word of mouth marketing.

They make really good chicken boti – boneless chicken meat cubes on skewers and barbequed (see the picture). Although the real popular item is beef kababs but I think I’ve had better kababs than theirs. Try Bhayya’s kababs if you haven’t done that already. The next best item is called chicken piece which is around a quarter of a chicken also barbequed on a flat skewer. Raita and Salad are the typical accompaniments. I wouldn’t recommend their Raita though.

Price range: Rs. 75-150
Cleanliness: Below average

17 responses to “Khusray ke Kabab

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  2. Why the discomfort with the khusras. Why consider the word to be crude? They are human too, and just maybe better humans than a lot of “normal” Pakistanis killing each other these days.

  3. The world “khusra” is intended to be derogatory. There isn’t an urdu word which describes a transexual with balance – unless I’m mistaken?

  4. The balanced terminology for khusra in Urdu is “Mukhannas” (kh’s sound is the one used in Khanjar)


  6. thts nt good .uzwe tanasil looks a bit reasonable term to me

  7. omar rasheed KEMU

    o phudi k…khusra apny hostel sy dur bara hy

  8. O mama tun jahaz ty chala jaen

  9. Jafar Gashti Laiah

    mee kun kabab da shok ken nae theenda

  10. koi aur khilay to achy hen kabab…nae to karwa taste ata hy

  11. commando chootlamki


  12. Khusray ka L hy????

  13. haaan…meeeeny ly k dykha hy

  14. Men bara pehchod hun

  15. @Fahad Sheikh…ye koi btany wali baat thi???

  16. Hafaz Jee bachian ala


  17. Khusra punjabi ka lafaz hey and it is realy derogatory.Khusray ka Urdu me mutbadil lafz ” Khawaja Sara” hey.

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