Fallen on hard times

LAHORE: Workers remove a fallen tree from a road on the Mozang area on Monday


4 responses to “Fallen on hard times

  1. This happeden just yards from my home. I often buy stuff from the haleem wala on right of the picture. When I went there I couldnt recognize the landscape. I thought I had come to some wrong place. The haleem shop owners said that they have lost a dear friend and now they will feel the brunt of summer heat and winter breeze.
    Will someone cover Lahore with trees pleeeease????

  2. This tree was close to the striken FIA building and the blast could have loosened its grip on the soil. The building can be seen above the front end of the bulldozer, the three black windows.

  3. mozang RE was quite active during national revolutionary movement,some of the revolutionaries used to reside here. this area figures in the tribunal trial.can anybody find the lost links with that glorious chapter of our history through identification of buildings and persons through their present generation.i as well as a number of readers of lahorenema will feel greatful for it and more such information about other locations. posting of old newspapers and magzines cuttings and photographs will no doudbtedly add lot of color to this beautiful and informative bridge.
    harish jain

  4. seems that trees also die

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