Lahore remembers October 18th tragedy

Civil society activists light candles at Faisal Chowk in memory of people who lost their lives in blasts at the welcome rally of Benazir Bhutto on October 18, 2007 in Karsaz, Karachi. President Zardari paid tributes to those killed and said it was due to their sacrifices that democracy had been restored in the country..

Courtesy Daily Times

4 responses to “Lahore remembers October 18th tragedy

  1. Tum kitne Bhutto Maaro ge
    Hur ghar se Bhutto Nikle ga

  2. and now the next earthquake in Balochistan ! God Bless Us All !

  3. its been almost one and half year and benazir murder case is still not resolved????

  4. Shady, you are not worry. The U.N team is reach in pakistan for open the murther case of benazir.

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