Food Street for food lovers

Associated Press of Pakistan

LAHORE: Food Street Lahore, the best place for food lovers, welcomes locales as well as tourists from far and wide. People can enjoy authentic Lahore cuisine at cheap prices.

Food Street Lahore is one of the most important attractions of the city. The wide variety of food items available in the Lahore streets remains unparalleled, a private TV channel reported.

Gawalmandi, the Food Street in Lahore, offers the best of kebabs, biriyanis and other popular Lahore food. Gawalmandi is located near the Laxmi Chowk in Lahore. It is regularly visited by the local people as well as tourists travelling to the city. During daytime it is just like any other street with transports all around. Right after the sunset, the stalls spread their shacks and their mouthwatering displays attract a number of epicureans.

Tourists enjoy the best of recipes of Lahore in this Food Street. Some of most preferred dishes are Chicken Tikkah, Gosht Karahi, Fried Fish, Biryani, Murg Cannay, Dal Gosht, Phajje ke Paye, Mutton Boti Kebab, Murgh Handi and Tandooris.

Desserts include Fallodah, Shahi Tukra, Firni and a lot more. For vegetarians there is a wide range of kebabs, pakoras, samosas and a lot more.

It houses a number of restaurants and local eateries. Every evening it emerges as one of the busiest streets in the city.

4 responses to “Food Street for food lovers

  1. Just the right weather to go there with a big apetite.

  2. I went all the way from England.Although I,and my family enjoyed the atmosphere,the food wasn’t has good as expected.The cleanines,and service left alot to desired.The quality of pakistani food is much better outside then in Pakistan.Along with most other things,Pakistani people need to up the game asap.

  3. i can’t see
    and a lot more in the list.

  4. Oh I miss my city.. I went to Lahore from Islamabad on my trip to Pakistan.. I didn’t want to leave lahore. I just loved it there so much.

    I remember katlama being made in the main bazaar which we also called mem bazaar on chand raat no one slept.. lights were on and chooriyan, jewelry were sparkling in lights.

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