Bashir Mirza’s paintings on display

* Work receives great appreciation n Visitor says young artists could use such exhibitions to improve artistic skills

Daily Times Report

LAHORE: The last of the bohemian paintings by the late Bashir Mirza were put on display at the Ejaz Art Gallery to highlight the noted artist’s work and life on Saturday. The paintings were not the original ones, instead, they were the digital prints of the original paintings.

Appreciation: The viewers praised the drawings by the artist. Noted artist Saeed Akhter talked about the work and personality of Mirza. He said that seeing the work of Mirza reminded one of expertise in art. He talked about the concentration and the passion with which Mirza worked.

Views: Asad Hayee, a curator and artist, said that the work was rich in art and beautiful to look at. He said that it could have been better if the real paintings of the artists were shown, as most of the young artists had not seen the true works of Mirza.

Anum, a viewer, said that she had liked the work because of its maturity and profundity. She said that the work was a prime example from which the junior artists could learn and use it to their advantage to improve their skills. She said that such exhibitions should be organised regularly.

5 responses to “Bashir Mirza’s paintings on display

  1. i wanna leave no comment what can i say about this pain ting only i can say that i dont know what to say

  2. Thats all good what you are saying, but I am not agree with you

  3. i worked with BM in 1989 to 1992 in karachi and also in islamabad i have some of his paintings and marker drawings and many of his paintings transparanses

  4. ur contact no pse?

  5. afzal kamran . pse send me ur mobile no regarding BM paintings or contact me on 03352211104

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