Strange things I’ve seen in the city

I was driving down the Mall the other day when something caught my eye that nearly caused an accident.  Yes, that’s right, I caught a dead horse being driven down the Mall.  Living in Lahore, you see just about everything.

I’m starting a blog series here on the strange things I’ve seen in the city.  If you have any strange experiences, write them in the comments section or, if you have photos, email them to me and I’ll see if we can’t get them posted.  But to kick things off, here’s a dead horse, lying upside down in the midst of rigor mortis, being driven down Lahore’s Mall Road.

Strange things I've seen

Strange things I

6 responses to “Strange things I’ve seen in the city

  1. Not to beat a dead horse, but this looks like a classic case of putting the cart (rather engine) before the horse.

  2. whats the strange thing about it…a horse dies and they are taking him to burry somewhere..maybe throwing in river ravi….

  3. Arrey bhai, kapra to rakh laytay. And no, there’s nothing strange about throwing a dead horse into a dry river.

  4. isn’t it weird.
    we may call it
    “Bizzare Things in Lahore”

  5. Score: Mechanization 1, Animal Power 0.

    Animal Power has benefits. No NOx or SOx or CO or particulate matter. Don’t need advanced technology to make more of them. Lower carbon footprint??? No blaring horns. No neck breaking speeds. Hardly any maintenance required. Have a personality and a mind and intelligence (advanced processor). Faithful.

    Sad to think that Ravi has dried up.

  6. it doesn’t make any difference Ravi dried up or not!!!!

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