Climate Change lecture at LUMS



The Department of Law & Policy has the pleasure of hosting Mr. Toufiq A. Siddiqi’s lecture on Asia’s changing role in global climate change at the PICIC Auditorium at the Lahore University of Management Sciences at 11am on 20 November 2008.

Mr. Siddiqi is the Senior Fellow of the East-West Institute in Honolulu, Hawai and has over thirty years of experience in the fields of energy, the environment and climate change.  He was formerly Regional Adviser on Energy in the Environment and Natural Resources Management Division, UNESCAP in Bangkok.

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing the globe and the persons most affected by this phenomenon are the poor living in developing countries.  With high levels of poverty, South Asia is one of the regions of the world most vulnerable.  Mr. Siddiqui’s lecture will be an enlightening look at the challenges Pakistani and other South Asian countries face in adapting to and mitigating the affects of climate change.

Kindly, confirm your attendance by email or text.

Jawad S Khawaja
Head of the Department
Law and Policy Department

Ahmad Rafay Alam
Adjunct Faculty in
Property Law

4 responses to “Climate Change lecture at LUMS

  1. Assalaam-o-Alaikum,

    I have just learnt, while net browsing for prominent Siddiquees, about Mr. Taufiq A. Siddiqui’s upcoming lecture on Climate Change. I would like to attend his lecture. Does it require any Entry Pass or permission to be there on 20th November? Please reply. Thank you with best wishes and best prayers. Saalik Siddikki – 0333-4102919 (Moderator of and to be launched soon).

  2. Saalik Saheb

    I think you don’t need an invite. Just send an email to Rafay Alam – at the address given at the end of this post and you should be able to attend without any problems

  3. Saalik sahib,

    You are most welcome to come and attend. There is no entry requirement.


  4. I cant understand what you are going to narrate here

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